The Waukee Warriors will be moving on to the Regional Championship after they beat the Indianola Indians 10-0 on Wednesday, May 31.

The Warriors started the game out strong, immediately taking the ball to their side of the field. The Warriors were shooting constantly and the Indians’ defense just couldn’t stop them.

The Indians were only able to gain control for a short amount of time when the Warriors had a couple fouls called against them. The Warriors’ defense stopped the Indians from making it too far down the field before stealing to ball back and taking a few more shots.

It wasn’t until there was 19 minutes left in the half that the first goal was made. Warrior Rebecca Corbett was responsible for this goal.

The Warriors kept their shooting streak going after the restart of the game. Once again, the Indians couldn’t keep up and Corbett slipped through and shot the ball back into the net. The Warriors were up 2-0 with 12 and a half minutes left in the first half.

The Indians finally got their first shot in with just six minutes left. Luckily, the ball fell short of the goal and the Warriors regained possession.

The rest of the half followed the same pattern, with the Warriors holding the ball on their side of the field. With 30 seconds left, Ella Muse sent the ball to Corbett who then finished her hat trick by sending the to the goal.

The first half ended with the Warriors leading 3-0.

The beginning of the second half started out just like the first with the Warriors holding possession.

Just a minute and a half in, it looked as though there would be another goal. The Warriors were given a corner kick which went straight to Corbett who shot the ball again. Unfortunately, the ball was stopped just short by the Indians keeper.

Just three minutes later, the Warriors were awarded another corner kick. This time, it went to Jori Nieman who sent a header toward the goal. Nieman’s header hit the crossbar and bounced back out to Corbett who shot the ball, but once again, no goal.

The Warriors quickly recovered and not even a minute later, Izzy Dammen passed the ball back to Nieman who shot the ball again. This time, it made it past the goalie for the Warriors’ fourth goal.

The fifth goal didn’t take long either. With 33 minutes left in the game, Corbett scored her fourth goal of the game which put the Warriors up 5-0.

The Warriors weren’t close to being done. Just four minutes later after Corbett’s goal, Nieman shot the ball again, scoring her second goal of the game.

The Indians finally earned possession again after several minutes had passed and several shots were made by the Warriors.

With 20 minutes left in the game, the Indians drove the ball down the field far enough to eventually be awarded a corner kick. Unfortunately, the shot went out and the Warriors earned a goal kick. The Indians were able to regain possession, though, and within a few minutes, they made another shot. Again, the Indians shot did not make it past Warrior keeper Emily LeVere.

When the Warriors brought the ball back down the field, Riley Sailer made an easy shot to the goal. The Warriors were up 7-0.

Even after an offsides call, the Warriors held possession and with 14 minutes to go, Miranda Boyle shot the ball. Boyle’s shot went in and the Warriors lead widened.

Two minutes later, Williams scored another goal for the Warriors. The score was now 9-0.

The Warriors had two fouls called them that gave the Indians a chance at controlling the ball. The Indians weren’t able to hold possession long and with seven minutes left, Lexi Ashmore scored the final goal to end the game.

The Warriors beat the Indians 10-0 to move on to play in the Regional Championship game on Monday, June 5. The Warriors will be hosting the game at 6:00 p.m. and will be playing Ankeny.