The Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers softball team took on the Bondurant-Farrar Bluejays on Thursday, June 1. The Tigers bumped up their season record to 5-2 when they beat the Bluejays 8-3.

It looked like the Bluejays were going to start the game out strong, with senior Kenzie Adkins hitting a single right away in the first inning. Adkins’ single was followed by another Bluejay single, that was thrown out, but still got her to second base. Rachel Everly was up to bat next, she also hit a single.

Adkins was now on third base. During the next batter, she ran home to earn the Bluejays’ their only run of the first inning.

The first inning was by far the Tigers’ best inning of the game. Although, the Tigers did start the inning with an out at first base, they followed it up with three hits allowing the bases to be loaded.

After a strikeout for the Tigers, Kila Carbine hit a double allowing Lexi Wyant and Abbie Hlas to make it over home plate. The Tigers were up 2-1.

Sierra Wyant followed Carbine’s double with one of her own. This double got Ashley Tennant and Carbine home for the final two runs of the inning. The Tigers now led by three runs (4-1).

The second inning was rough for both the Tigers and Bluejays. Bluejay Josie Carter was the only one to make it to base in the entire inning while the other six batters for both teams were thrown out.

The third inning was the best one for the Bluejays. It started out with a few singles and Adkins stealing home again. Unfortunately this time, she wasn’t able to score.

While Adkins was running over home plate, Riley Gilroy hit a single. Gilroy quickly made it back home when Sydney Carroll hit a home run. With Gilroy and Carroll’s runs, the Bluejays only trailed one run (4-3).

At the bottom of the third inning, Hlas and Tennant had hits right away which were followed by Tiger Aniston Smith being walked to first base. The bases were loaded, and after an out for the Tigers, Hlas stole home after a ball was thrown by the Bluejays’ pitcher.

Sierra Wyant was then up to bat, she hit a double allowing the Tigers to earn another run and be up 6-3. After a few more hits and an out, Sierra Wyant made it back to home finishing the third inning 7-3.

Just like the second inning, both the Bluejays and Tigers couldn’t score in the fourth and fifth innings. Not only were there no runs scored, there were very few hits, just like the second inning.

In the top of the sixth inning, the Tigers were able to get the first three Bluejay batters out.

When the Tigers were up to bat, Linsday Lange was the first Tiger to get on base with her single. While Hlas was up to bat, Lange stole second base.

Hlas then hit a single of her own, in which she stole second as well. During Hlas’ run to second, Lange scored the Tigers’ eighth run of the game.

The Bluejays weren’t able to score in the seventh inning and the Tigers won 8-3.

The Tigers’ have a tournament this weekend (June 2-3) at North Fayette Valley High School in West Union. The tournament began Friday morning at 10:00 a.m.