The Dallas Center-Grimes Mustangs baseball team had a double header on Friday, June 2 against the Oskaloosa Indians. The Mustangs won both games against the Indians.

The first game was a close one, the game went into the eighth inning with the final score being 10-9.

The game started with the Mustangs leading by four, but the Indians quickly took the lead. By the fifth inning, the score was 9-7 with the Indians leading.

The scored stayed the same until the bottom of the seventh when the Mustangs had another two runs to tie up the score. The Indians weren’t able to score in the eighth inning, but the Mustangs ended the game with one final run.

Juniors Jordan Humphreys and Thomas Erickson led the Mustangs first game against the Indians with two runs each.

The Mustangs’ second game against the Indians wasn’t nearly as close as the first.

The first two innings were slow for both teams, with neither being able to score.

The Indians struggled throughout the third inning as well. Tanner DeKock was the only Indian to make it to base after hitting a single.

However, the third inning was the best for the Mustangs. Hunter Baumler was the first on base when he hit a single, he was then put on third when Humphreys hit a double. Brody Gannon walked to first base which got the bases loaded. Then a single, turned into a double, hit by Justin Hannemann, got Baumler and Humphreys home.

The Mustangs’ next two batters struck out, but a single by Kade Rosa allowed Gannon to run back home. Unfortunately, Rosa was thrown out at first base, ending the third inning. The Mustangs still led 3-0.

The Indians were still scoreless by the bottom of the fourth inning. The fourth inning also started rough for the Mustangs with their first two batters being thrown out.

Humphreys had the first run to base of the inning for the Mustangs after he hit a single. He quickly made it home after designated hitter, Brandon Risius hit a triple.

Humphreys led the second game for the Mustangs, just as he did the first, with two of the team’s five runs.

After Risius’ hit, Gannon was walked to base again. While Gannon was up to bat, Brady Nicolet stole home after a ball was thrown. Nicolet had the Mustangs’ fifth run of the game.

During the fifth inning is when the Indians earned their one run.

The first batter of the inning, Alex DeJong, was walked to base. After DeJong, Indians Tucker Nunnikhoven and Seth Saver struck out. While Saver was up to bat, the Mustangs’ pitcher, Erickson, overthrew back to first base allowing DeJong to steal second base.

DeJong scored when DeKock and Bennett Spry each hit a single. Unfortunately Spry was thrown out stealing second base, making it the Indians third out of the inning. The score was now 5-1.

Not only did the Mustangs not earn another run in the bottom of the fifth, they didn’t earn another run the rest of the game, but neither did the Indians.

The double header ended with the Mustangs winning 10-9 and 5-1. The Mustangs now have a 4-3 record on the season and will be playing in Newton, Monday, June 5 at 7:30 p.m.