The Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers girls soccer team won the Class 2A Regional Championship game on Monday, June 5 against the Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson Yellowjackets. The Tigers won 3-1 and will be moving on to the State Soccer Tournament.

“We knew that they were going to be very competitive,” said coach Kelsey Gaffney, “very physical, they weren’t going to stop until that whistle was blown, like we clearly saw out there today. We really talked about that we have to play 80 minutes and we can’t stop, we have to have no letdowns or they’re going to make us pay for them and I think we did a really nice job of that tonight.”

The Tigers started the game out quickly with a goal in the first three minutes. The Tigers took the ball down the field, Sydney Bertman took control of the ball and took a shot at the goal. Bertman’s shot was deflected off the goal and bounced directly back to Delaney Barton. Barton took another shot for the Tigers, her shot went in and the score was 1-0.

The game went back and forth, up and down the field, but only the Tigers were shooting the ball; up until there was 22 minutes left in the first half.

While the Yellowjackets took the ball down the field, the Tigers were called on a foul. Morgan Garcia took the free kick for the Yellowjackets, which flew to the back of the Tigers’ goal. Garcia’s goal tied up the game 1-1.

The pace of the game then picked up and ball possession continued to switch sides. Just as before, though, the Tigers were the only ones shooting. Luckily for the Yellowjackets, none of the shots went in.

There was only two minutes left in the half and the Tigers had the ball once again. The ball was knocked out of bounds and the Tigers were given a corner kick in which Allie Cook shot. Cook’s shot went directly into the goal past the Yellowjackets’ goalie and the half ended 2-1.

The second half didn’t start out as quickly as the first for the Tigers as they were immediately called on a foul and the Yellowjackets gained possession.

“They’re definitely the most physical team we have played this season,” Gaffney said, “but we knew that going in and I think they started the game off really well and we were kind of flat footed. That is something we need to get better at as a team, but I think we matched their physicality a lot in that game.”

Just one minute in, the Yellowjackets drove down the field and Josephine Starner shot at the goal. Starner’s shot went off to the right, and the Tigers gained control again.

While the Tigers had control, they continued to shoot, but with no luck.

The clock continued to tick down with the Tigers keeping control the majority of the time. With 12 and a half minutes left in the game, Bertman finally saw an open opportunity at the goal. Bertman shot the ball and the ball finally went into the goal, the Tigers were up 3-1.

The rest of the game was rough, with few shots and several fouls, including a green card called against the Yellowjackets.

The Tigers won the game with a two goal lead (3-1) to move on to the State Tournament. The Tigers will be playing Cedar Rapids Xavier on Thursday, June 8 at 2:45 p.m. at the Cownie Soccer Complex.

“I was very pleased, obviously,” Gaffney said. “We talked about regional finals being a whole different dynamic and it’s just going to be who wants it more. I think T.J. came out and they played a very good game, a very hard game and it was a well fought game by both teams.”