The Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers girls’ soccer team traveled to the Cownie Soccer Park in Des Moines on Thursday, June 8 to play in the Class 2A State Quarterfinal game against the Xavier Saints.

The game went into double overtime, and the Tigers ended up winning 1-0 by penalty kicks (3-1).

The Saints held control of the ball most of the first 20 minutes of the first half, getting in a few shots, only to have them miss the goal or saved by the Tigers’ keeper Delaney Bertman.

The last 20 minutes of the half was just the opposite. The Tigers held possession most of the time and shot the ball as often as they could. Just as the Saints’ had, none of the Tigers’ shots made it into the net and were stopped by the Saints’ goalie Melody Snow.

With just a minute left in the first half, the Tigers were awarded back-to-back corner kicks. Unfortunately, the Saints’ defense was able to block the shots and bring the ball back out.

Luckily, though, Leah Sloan was able to get control of the ball once again with just 30 seconds left. Sloan shot the ball, but again, it was blocked. The half ended 0-0.

The Saints began the second half with a shot just four minutes in, but again, no goal. The Tigers were then able to gain possession in which they held for the next several minutes.

Finally, the Saints had a foul called against them as the Tigers were moving down the field. Barton took the shot and it looked as though it was in. The ball flew to the back of the net, but continued to bounce and came back out of the goal and the game resumed. The score remained 0-0.

The game then went back and forth, switching possession, both teams shooting the ball almost each trip down the field.

The clock ran out on the second half, the game was over but the score was still 0-0.

Overtime looked just like the rest of the game.

Sloan was the only Tigers to get a successful shot into the goal. She shot the ball into the goal right as time ran out in the first half of overtime, but an offsides call was made before the goal could be counted.

Once again the first overtime ended 0-0 and the game went into double overtime.

The Saints shot first, Elanor Minor shot and scored the first penalty kick. Izzy LaFollette shot the first penalty kick for the Tigers, unfortunately the ball didn’t make it in, the score was 1-0.

Delaney Bertman was able to stop the next two Saints’ shots, while Allie Cook and Sydney Bertman scored the next two for the Tigers. The score was 2-1, Tigers leading.

The final shot for the Saints missed the goal. Carli Hansen had the next penalty kick for the Tigers. Hansen shot the ball into the left side of the net, scoring and ending the game 3-1.

The Tigers won the game 1-0 over the Saints and will be playing the semifinal game today at 2:30 p.m. against Lewis Central.