The Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers played the Lewis Central Titans on Friday, June 9 for the Class 2A State Soccer Semifinals. The Titans ended up beating the Tigers 4-1, ending the Tigers’ season.

The Titans were in control of the ball as soon as the game began. Freshman Grace Guidry shot the ball just two minutes in scoring the Titans first goal of the game.

When the game restarted, the Tigers took the ball down their side of the field for their first shot, unfortunately it missed the goal.

The next 20 minutes were full of nothing but fouls and missed shots by both teams.

With 14 minutes to go, the Tigers were awarded a corner kick. Unfortunately, the kick went over the top of the goal, but the Tigers did gain the ball back and were awarded another corner kick. Just like the last, the kick went directly over the top.

With the Tigers still holding possession, not long after the two corner kicks, the Tigers were awarded a third. Just like the last two, the ball flew over top of the net.

The Tigers didn’t give up and continued to shoot the ball the remainder of the half. None of the shots went in, and the half ended 1-0 with the Titans leading.

The Titans began the second half strong as well, with a shot at the goal in the first two minutes. Luckily for the Tigers, goalie Delaney Bertman was able to stop the ball.

With the goal kick, the Tigers took the ball back down the field. Sydney Bertman shot the ball, but it just missed the net, leaving the Tigers scoreless.

Just five minutes later, Sydney Bertman had possession of the ball again. She shot at the goal again, just to have it blocked by a Titan defender, again the scored remained 1-0.

With 30 minutes left of the game, Kelsey McSorley took another shot at the goal for the Titans. The ball slipped into the Tigers’ net and the Titans now had a two goal lead.

The clock kept ticking, both teams were being called on fouls and both took a few shots. Finally, with 16 minutes left on the clock, the Tigers earned their first goal.

The Tigers had finally driven far enough down the field to reach the goal. Delaney Barton had been passed the ball, she shot and the ball finally flew past the keeper. The score was now 2-1.

It seemed as though the pace of the game picked up a little after the Tigers’ goal, but it didn’t take long for the Titans to come back. With 11 minutes left Suzie McDonald made the Titans’ third goal of the game, putting them back up by two.

Following the goal, the Tigers would gain possession and then be fouled by the Titans. Unfortunately, the free kicks they were given continued to be saved before they made it into the goal.

When the Tigers fouled with seven and a half minutes to go, McSorley was given the ball. Her kick flew into the goal and finished the score at 4-1.

Very few shots were made and no goals were scored by either team before the game ended.

The Titans won the semifinal game 4-1 and went on to win the Class 2A Championship match as well. The Tigers’ season ended with a record of 18-3.