The Van Meter Bulldogs baseball team had a double header against the Woodward Academy Knights on Friday, June 16. The Bulldogs dominated both games and brought home two more victories.

The Bulldogs won the first game by an outstanding 29-0.

While the game went into five innings, the Bulldogs had all 29 runs by the end of the third.

Connor Guess led the Bulldogs with four runs. Guess also had two hits, one double and two RBIs. Courtesy runner, Anthony Lowman had four runs in the first game as well.

Bulldogs Carson Rhodes, Drew Gordon, Brady O’Brien and Owen Crawford each had three runs. Gordon led the group with two hits, a triple and five RBIs. O’Brien followed with two hits, a double and five RBIs as well. Crawford had two hits and three RBIs, Rhodes had one hit, a double and two RBIs.

Mitch Pomeroy and Kaleb Booge each had two hits and scored two runs in the first game. JJ Durflinger also scored two runs, he had one hit and one triple.

Anthony Pottoff had one hit and three RBIs for the Bulldogs, he also score one run. Zach Ernst also had one run from his one hit, triple and one RBI. Sam Thompson scored the last of 29 runs for the Bulldogs.

Pitcher Marshall Smith had four hits against the Knights, as well as one double. Smith also had two of the Bulldogs’ 23 RBIs.

The Bulldogs won the second game 15-0. Again, the game only went into five innings, but the Bulldogs had scored all 15 runs by the end of the fourth inning.

Lowman led the Bulldogs in runs again in the second game. Lowman finished the a total of three runs, as well as two hits and a double.

Thompson, Gordon, Rhodes and Pomeroy each scored two runs. Pomeroy had two hits, a double and two RBIs in the second game. Gordon had one hit and two RBIs, Thompson had two hits and a triple and Rhodes had two RBIs.

Durflinger had four of the Bulldogs’ 13 RBIs in the second game. Durflinger also had two hits and scored one of the Bulldogs’ runs. Ernst had three RBIs for the Bulldogs; he also had two hits and scored one run.

Booge had one hit and one run against the Knights. Guess scored just one run for the Bulldogs in the second game.

The Bulldogs had a tournament at Saydel on June 17. The Bulldogs first game was against Bondurant-Farrar, in which they won 9-6. The Bulldogs lost their first game of the season when they played Saydel. After the 3-6 loss, the Bulldogs hold a 16-1 going into the game against Pleasantville on June 19 at Principal Park.