On Friday, June 16, what was supposed to be a double header between the Dallas Center-Grimes Mustangs and the Newton Cardinals turned into a single game due to the rainy weather. The Mustangs came out with the 5-3 victory over the Cardinals.

At the top of the first inning, it looked as though the Cardinals would be the first to score. The inning started out with Trevor Ergenbright hitting a single, he then made it to second base after the Mustangs’ pitcher overthrew the ball back while he was stealing base.

The Mustangs were able to get the next two batters out. Trey Vanderlaan was the next Cardinal to get a hit in, he made it to first and put Ergenbright on third base. Vanderlaan stole second while Ryan Barr was up to bat. The Cardinals weren’t able to score when the Mustangs threw out Barr.

The Mustangs were able to score the first run of the game. Cade Bertrand started the inning with a double. After a caught foul ball, Mustangs’ pitcher, Jordan Humphreys was up to bat. Humphreys hit a single, which turned into a double after the ball was overthrown to first base. Not only did this allow Humphreys to gain a base, Bertrand was able to make it home for the first run of the game.

After Brandon Risius’ hit was caught in the infield, Brett Foreman hit another double for the Mustangs. The double put Brady Nicolet (Humphreys’ runner) back at home putting the Mustangs up two runs. Unfortunately, Foreman was thrown out at home when Justin Biegger hit a single that turned into a double. The first inning ended 2-0.

The Mustangs didn’t let the Cardinals score in the second inning either, only allowing Blayden Rhone and Ty Arguello on to base.

The Mustangs earned another two runs at the bottom of the inning. Hunter Baulmer was the first on base with a single, Thomas Erickson was up next after he bunted the ball, and Sean Madsen followed with another bunt only to be thrown out at first.

Bertrand then hit a single which allowed Baulmer and Erickson to run back home for the two runs of the inning. The Mustangs weren’t able to score again before the end of the inning and the score remained at 4-0.

Neither the Cardinals nor the Mustangs were able to score during the third inning, which allowed the Mustangs to keep their lead.

The fourth inning was the best for the Cardinals. The bases were loaded after Barr and Ben Leal hit singles and Logan Wolfe was walked to base. Rhone then hit another single for the Cardinals, but Barr was thrown out at home leaving the Cardinals scoreless.

The bases were still loaded when Arguello hit another single. This time, Leal was able to make it home for the Cardinals first run of the game.

While Ergenbright was up to bat, Humphreys was called on a balk, allowed each of the Cardinals to gain a base. With the balk call, Wolfe was able to score for the Cardinals. Ergenbright then hit a single sending Rhone back home as well.

The Mustangs were able to get Ergenbright out at second and then throwing out Tyler Stanton to end the top of the fourth inning.

Bertrand and Brody Gannon were the only two Mustangs to get on base during the fourth inning, unfortunately neither were able to score and the inning ended 4-3.

Once again, the Cardinals and the Mustangs weren’t able to score during the fifth inning. Biegger was the only Mustang to make it to base after the Cardinals’ pitcher threw four balls.

The Mustangs were able to get the first three batters for Cardinals out in the top of the sixth inning.

Bertrand brought the Mustangs back after a strikeout with a single and then stole base while Gannon was up to bat. Bertrand was then able to make it home when Humphreys hit a single.

Bertrand’s run was the only one scored during the inning, but it put the Mustangs back up by two (5-3).

The Mustangs came back strong in the seventh inning only allowing Stanton to make it to base when he hit a single.

The Mustangs now hold a 7-9 record after the 5-3 win over the Cardinals. Their next game is today, Monday, June 19, in Oskaloosa at 7:30 p.m.