The Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers softball team played the Norwalk Warriors on Thursday, June 22. The Warriors took home the win when they earned three runs in the seventh inning ending the game 4-1.

The Tigers and Warriors both fought hard for that first run of the game, both playing well on offense, but an even stronger defense.

It wasn’t until the bottom of the fourth inning that the first run was scored.

The Tigers started the inning with a hit by Abbie Hlas. Unfortunately, she was tagged out before she could make it to first base.

Ashley Tennant was up to bat next. Tennant hit the ball hard out to right field for a home run, earning the Tigers’ their one run.

It looked as though the Tigers would pick up the game as Lexi Wyant followed Tennant’s hit with a single, but unfortunately, the Tigers’ next hit was caught in the outfield.

Kila Carbine then hit another single, allowing Lexi Wyant to advance to second base. The inning ended when Brooke Hickey’s foul ball was caught, but the Tigers led 1-0.

The Tigers’ lead didn’t last long, though. The Warriors tied up the game in the fifth inning when Abby McBee hit a single to get on base. McBee’s courtesy runner, Shae Campbell then stole second while Tessa Palmer was up to bat. Palmer also hit a single for the Warriors, but her hit allowed Campbell to not only make it to third base, but to score.

Although the Tigers allowed the Warriors two more hits and walked one batter to load the bases, they were able to get the Warriors stopped before they could score again.

The bottom of the fifth was not a good one for the Tigers as the first three batters were called out to end the inning 1-1.

Neither team scored in the sixth, quickly putting the game into the final inning, still tied.

Palmer was the first to get on base for the Warriors. While Amron Born was up bat, Palmer stole second, then ran to third when Born hit a single.

Born also stole second base while Briley Sodergren was up to bat, but she wasn’t able to get to third as Sodergren’s hit was caught in the infield.

The bases were loaded when Alyx Witt was walked to base and with Miranda Hughes’ hit, Palmer and Born scored two more runs.

Another single by Courtney Westvold and Witt ran home for the final run of the game for the Warriors.

The top of the seventh inning ended when Shelbi Stogdill was struck out. The Warriors led 4-1.

The Tigers only had one hit in the seventh inning, and the game ended with a Warrior victory.