The Waukee Warriors baseball team played a double header against the Ames Little Cyclones on June 21. The Warriors won the first game 10-6 and lost the second by just one run (6-5).

Calvin Smith led the Warriors in the first game with three of the ten runs. Smith also had three hits, two doubles and one RBI.

Jake Morrison was the leader for the second game. He had two of the five runs, two hits, one double and two RBIs. Morrison also had one run and one hit in the first game.

Dillon Flynn, Fischer Henderson and Tyrese Moore each scored both games. Between the two games, Flynn scored twice, had four hits and one RBI. Henderson also had two runs in the two games as well as three hits and two RBIs. Also scoring two runs, Moore finished the double header with four hits, two doubles, and two RBIs.

The Warriors have a tournament today, June 23, that began at 12:30 p.m.