The Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers baseball team played the Winterset Huskies on June 26. The Tigers boosted their season record to 14-8 after beating the Huskies 5-2.

The Tigers had the lead early in the game when they scored two runs in the first inning. The Huskies were able to stop the Tigers until the fifth inning where they scored one run in each of the final three innings. It wasn’t until the seventh inning, that the Tigers’ defense slipped up a bit and allowed the Huskies two runs.

Senior Jack O’Brien led the Tigers with two hits and one RBI. O’Brien also scored one of the Tigers’ runs.

Nick Lindgren also scored one run as well as one RBI. Lindgren finished the game with one hit against the Huskies and was walked to base once.

Kinnick Sutton and Trey Volz finished up the five runs for the Tigers; Sutton scored once and Volz scored two runs.

Kade Overton and Grant Curran each had one RBI to finish the Tigers’ total of four. Overton also had one hit and a double, Curran had one hit.

The Tigers beat the Huskies 5-2 and will be playing Atlantic on Wednesday, June 28 at 7:30 p.m.