The Fillies of Dallas Center-Grimes played the Dowling Catholic Maroons on Tuesday, June 27. The Fillies were able to stop the Maroons at took the 2-0 victory.

The Fillies pitcher, Allie Boender, threw a no hitter and walked ten batters throughout the game.

“Allie was respectively will,” said coach Steve Schlafke, “you know, no hits and ten walks. But you know, they didn’t have many good swings on the ball to tell you the truth and they didn’t hit a ball well all night long, and that’s a credit to her.”

The Fillies were able to hit off of the Maroons’ pitcher, but the first run of the game didn’t come until the third inning.

Chase Wadsworth was up to bat first, she hit the ball, but it was caught by the Maroons’ first baseman. The second out of the inning came when Kylie Merical was struck out.

It looked as though the inning wasn’t going to go well, but the Shelby Freestone was up to bat. Freestone hit what looked like would be a foul, luckily the ball stayed just inside right field and flew over the fence. Freestone hit a home run for the Fillies first run of the game.

“Our kids battled at the plate,” said Schlafke. “Shelby hit one out, that’s her first home run in her career and so that’s what happens when a kid works hard and they just battle and she just got it at the right time.”

Unfortunately the inning ended when Paige Linthicum was struck out. The Fillies ended the third inning leading 1-0.

The Fillies only allowed one Maroon to walk during the fourth inning. Unfortunately for the Fillies, Brooke Kramer was the only one to get on base with a bunt.

Another walk for the Maroon and a single for the Fillies and the fifth inning was over. The Fillies still led the game 1-0.

With three of the Maroons’ first four batters thrown out again, it was the Fillies turn to bat.

Linthicum started off the sixth inning for the Fillies with a single. Nicole Merical, Linthicum’s courtesy runner, quickly moved around the bases when Kramer hit a single. She then stole third while Riley Hall was up to bat. Unfortunately, both Kramer and Hall were called out for the first two outs of the inning.

While Amber Fistler was walked to base, an overthrow back to third base allowed Nicole Merical the opportunity to steal home to score the Fillies’ second run.

“The last run was huge, of course,” Schlafke said, “getting a runner on and then scoring on the error, you know that just gives you a little bit of a comfort zone. The play that Kramer made at the end there was a fantastic play, that’s a game saving play, but that’s what she’s done her whole career, getting the double play.”

The Fillies weren’t able to score again before the inning ended, but they now led by two runs.

At the top of the seventh inning, the Fillies allowed two Maroons to walk to base, but it didn’t take long for them to get three outs and end the game.

“Any time we play a 5A school we get excited to have the opportunity to play them,” Schlafke said. “With them being pretty highly rated in 5A and we were coming off from a tough night last night at Pella Christian, it was kind of a quick turn around for us but our kids really responded tonight and did a great job.”

The game ended with a 2-0 Filly victory over the Maroons. The Fillies will be playing Pella tonight (June 28) at 7:30 p.m.