The Van Meter Bulldogs softball team played a double header against the Woodward-Granger Hawks on June 29 for their last conference games of the season. The Bulldogs won both games and are now third in the WCAC conference with a record of 13-3 and hold a season record of 19-12.

The Bulldogs took the lead in the first game immediately. They were able to stop the first three of four batters before they could score to move into the bottom of the first inning.

Mackenzie Blomgren started the inning with a single. Lilly Thompson was then walked to to base, but while she was up to bat, Mackenzie Blomgren stole second, she then stole third when Haley Forret was up to bat. Forret’s hit was caught in the outfield, but Mackenzie Blomgren was still able to run back home.

Meagan Blomgren was walked to base next and was followed by a double hit by Abby Archer. Archer’s double brought Thompson back home for the Bulldogs’ second run.

Molly Blomgren then hit a double allowing Archer to make it back home. Bailey Harding followed with yet another double, only to be tagged out at second base. Although she was tagged out, Molly Blomgren made it home before the inning ended.

The Bulldogs ended the first inning leading 4-0.

Neither team scored in the second and third inning, both only allowing one hit.

The Hawks started the fourth inning off strong with two hits to get to base. Both Kaycee Major and Maggi Mallon hit singles against the Bulldogs, just to have the next two hits caught in the outfield. Miranda Aunspach hit the next single for the Hawks to load the base, unfortunately, Kayley Dresback was struck out leaving the Hawks scoreless.

After an out right away, Emma Durflinger started off the Bulldogs’ half of the inning with a single. After a second out, Mackenzie Blomgren hit a single, which ended up turning into a double and allowed Harding to score.

Thompson was up to bat next for the Bulldogs. With a triple, Thompson sent Mackenzie Blomgren home. For the Bulldogs seventh run of the game, Forret hit a single allowing Thompson to score.

After the Bulldogs’ third out, the inning ended 7-0.

The Hawks tried to come back in the fifth inning earning three runs. Bree Lesch and Katelyn Bandstra began the inning with a hit each. Although, both got to base, the hits were followed by two outs when Riley Jamison was thrown out at first and Bandstra was tagged out running back to base.

Lesch remained on second base until Major hit a triple. Lesch ran back home for the Hawks’ first run of the game. With another single hit by Mallon, Major scored the second run immediately after Lesch.

The Hawks’ third and final run came when Kendra Husmann hit a double getting Mallon back home.

The Bulldogs weren’t able to score and the inning ended 7-3.

Once again, the Bulldogs were able to get the Hawks out in the top of the inning before they could score.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, Olivia Prouty started with a single. Her hit was followed with a strikeout, but Thompson came back with another single. Thompson’s single still allowed Prouty to get to third base. Although she was called out, Forret’s next hit got Prouty her one run of the game.

Meagan Blomgren hit a triple next for the Bulldogs. With her hit, Thompson was able to score again. Thompson’s run was the final run of the game and the inning.

Neither team score in the seventh inning and the first game ended 9-3.

The Bulldogs won the second game as well, this time, keeping the Hawks from scoring the entire game.

The Bulldogs began the game with two runs in the first inning, but from there only scored one run every other inning. The Hawks defense kept the Bulldogs from leading as much as the first game, but they still couldn’t keep up and the game ended 5-0.

Meagan Blomgren led the second game for the Bulldogs. She scored two of the five runs as well as having one hit, one triple and one RBI.

Archer followed Meagan Blomgren. Archer finished the game with two hits, a double and an RBI. She also scored one run for the Bulldogs.

The final two runs of the game were scored by Mackenzie Blomgren and Thompson. The two Bulldogs also had one hit each.

The Bulldogs last two RBIs of the game came from Forret and Harding. Forret also had two hits and Harding had one to end the game.

The Bulldogs won the double header against the Hawks and moved on to regional play against Earlham on July 5 in Earlham at 7 p.m.