On Thursday, June 27, the Van Meter Bulldogs and the Woodward-Granger Hawks played a double header for their final WCAC conference games of the season.

The Bulldogs and the Hawks tied for first place in conference play when they each won a game and ended the season with a conference record of 17-1.

The first game of the night went to the Hawks after a crazy come back in the seventh inning.

The Hawks began the game with one run in the first inning and a second in the second inning, but the Bulldogs took the lead from there. In the fourth inning, the Bulldogs’ earned their first run, and added on two more in the fifth to lead 3-2.

Neither team scored in the sixth inning, allowing the Bulldogs to continue to lead. In the top of the seventh inning, the Hawks came back strong, scoring five runs before the Bulldogs could stop them. The Bulldogs couldn’t come back, only scoring one run before the end of the game. The Hawks won the first game 7-4.

The leader of the game for the Bulldogs was JJ Durflinger who scored two of the four runs. Durflinger also had two hits and two of the Bulldogs’ three RBIs.

Reese Jamison led the Hawks during the first game. He hit a home run in the fifth inning to score his one run but allowed two other Hawks to score. By the end of the game, Jamison had a total of two hits and three RBIs.

The second game was the complete opposite of the first. Both the Hawks and the Bulldogs were getting the first three batters out immediately in the first three innings. Bulldogs’ Connor Guess was the only one to make it to base in those first innings, but was thrown out after trying to run back to base.

Finally in the fourth inning, the first run was scored.

Once again, Guess was up to bat for the Bulldogs, he started the inning with a double. Durflinger followed Guess with a single.

With Guess on third and Durflinger on first, Mitch Pomeroy was up to bat. Both Guess and Durflinger stole base, allowing the Bulldogs to score their first run. Unfortunately, Durflinger was tagged out at second, followed by Pomeroy’s hit being caught in the outfield.

Sam Thompson hit a double next, but the Bulldogs weren’t able to score again before the inning ended when Drew Gordon was thrown out at first base.

For the Hawks, Marcus McConahay was the only batter to get on base with a single. At the end of the fourth inning, the Bulldogs led 1-0.

The fifth inning for the Bulldogs began with two doubles. Brady O’Brien hit the first double, but was followed by a hit caught in the outfield. Kaleb Booge hit the second double, which allowed O’Brien to score the Bulldogs’ second run of the game.

The Bulldogs’ next two batters’ hits were caught in the outfield and the top of the inning ended 2-0.

Cole Theisen was walked to base, but was also the only Hawk to make it to base in the fifth inning. Theisen quickly moved around the bases when he stole second while Matt Buch was up to bat, then stole third on a wild pitch.

Unfortunately, the Hawks couldn’t gain their first run as Buch struck out and was followed by hit caught in the outfield.

The Bulldogs earned their final two runs of the game in the sixth inning. The inning started with a strikeout, but the bases were quickly loaded when Pomeroy and Thompson hit a singles and Gordon was walked to base.

The first run of the inning was scored when O’Brien was walked to base. The bases were still loaded when Brett Berg was up to bat. Berg hit the ball far into the outfield, which was caught, but not before Thompson could make it back home.

The Hawks were able to get three of the four Bulldogs’ first batter out in the seventh inning then came back to earn their only run of the game.

Spencer Hanson was up to bat first for the Hawks. He was able to hit a single to get to base. Unfortunately, the Hawks’ next two batters were thrown out. Hanson still moved around the bases when he stole second and then stole third while Theisen was up to bat. Theisen ended up hitting a single, allowing Hanson to make it home.

The game ended with a strikeout and a 4-1 Bulldog victory.

The Hawks won the first game 7-4 but the Bulldogs came back to win the second game 4-1. The two teams finished conference play tied with 17-1 records.

The Bulldogs will be playing a nonconference game on July 3 against Treynor at 7:30 p.m.