On Friday, June 30, the Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers baseball team played the Chariton Chargers. The game was called due to lightning after just five innings, but it didn’t stop the Tigers from picking up the 7-0 victory.

The Tigers were able to get the first three Chargers out in the first innings and came back to score one run in their half of the inning.

The Tigers’ first innings started with an out when Dalton Hews’ hit was caught by the Chargers’ second baseman. Luckily, Hews’ hit was followed by a single from Jack O’Brien. O’Brien quickly made it home after a hit from Kade Overton and double by Nick Lindgren.

Unfortunately the first inning ended there when Logan Crannell was thrown out at first base.

The Tigers allowed the Chargers more hits in the second inning, although, the first two batters were still thrown out at first base.

Crannell, the Tigers’ pitcher of the night, then allowed Quentyn Pennington to walk to base. Dylan Stites then hit a single for the Chargers allowing Pennington to run to second. The Tigers were able to get Pennington out at second to end the first half of the inning.

The Chargers were able stop the Tigers as well in the second inning. Both Gage Fuller and Grant Curran hit a single to get on base, but courtesy runner Brett Duroe was tagged out while running to second base getting the third out of the inning.

The third inning was the Tigers’ strongest inning. They only allowed one batter on base before getting three outs in the first half of the inning.

In the bottom of the inning, the Tigers quickly loaded the bases when Hews, O’Brien and Overton each hit a single. Hews scored the Tiger’s second run of the game when Lindgren hit another single, keeping the bases loaded.

Crannell was up to bat next, unfortunately his hit was caught, but O’Brien was still able to get home for the second run of the inning.

The Tigers had another out called, but Trey Volz followed the out by hitting a double getting Overton and Lindgren back home. Unfortunately, Volz was rundown before he could make it to third base, ending the inning.The Tigers led the game 5-0.

While the Tigers continued to keep the Chargers from scoring in the fourth inning, while the Tigers scored another run.

While the Tigers’ half of the inning started with an out, Curran came back with a single to get on base. Hews then hit a double, allowing Curran to get to third. O’Brien followed Hews with a double as well, Curran made it over home plate. but Hews was tagged out before he could score.

Although, O’Brien stole third while Overton was up to bat, he wasn’t able to score either, as Overton was thrown out. The fourth inning ended 6-0.

The Chargers’ sixth inning began with two batters being thrown out. Tyler Anderson was able to hit a single past the Tigers and get onto base. Anderson was the only Charger to make it to base, when Trevor Mark was thrown out next.

Again, the Tigers quickly loaded the bases in the fifth inning. Lindgren, Crannell and Cody Osgood each hit a single to get to base.

Volz also hit a single, but his hit went directly to third base allowing the Chargers to tag out Lindgren. Luckily for the Tigers, the bases were still loaded when Fuller was up to bat.

Fuller also hit a single, which allowed Ethan Meyer (Crannell’s courtesy runner) to make it back home. The game ended there after a third out for the Tigers.

The game ended after the fifth inning due to lightning and the Tigers won the game 7-0.

After a game against Ballard on Monday July 3, the Tigers hold a 16-9 record, The Tigers’ next game is today, July 5 against Lewis Central at 7:00 p.m.