The Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers baseball team played the Lewis Central Titans on July 5. The Tigers brought home yet another loss when the Titans won 9-2.

The Titans took the lead right away in the first inning when they scored two runs. The third inning is where the Tigers tried to tie up the score when they also scored two runs. Unfortunately, this didn’t stop the Titans as they scored four more runs in the third inning and then continued to score three more runs before the end of the game.

Dalton Hews and Kade Overton were the two Tigers to score against the Titans.

Overton finished the game with three of the Tigers’ ten hits and one of the team’s two RBIs; the second RBI went to Logan Crannell. Hews had one hit and one double against the Titans.

The other six hits for the Tigers were spread out among the team. Nick Lindgren led with two hits of his own, he also had one double. Jack O’Brien, Matthew West, Gage Fuller and Trey Volz had the Tigers’ final four hits.

The Tigers have a game today, July 6, at home against Van Meter at 7:30 p.m.