The Dallas Center-Grimes Fillies played the Mason City Mohawks for the first round of the Class 4A District 8 Regionals on Thursday, July 6. The game was an extremely close and hard fought one, but the Fillies ended up winning 6-5.

The Fillies were the ones to take the lead in the beginning. Brooke Kramer started the first inning with a single, but was able to make it to second base when the Mohawks threw the ball past first base.

Kamryn O’Brien hit another single next and with another Mohawk error, she was able to make it to second and Kramer was able to make it back home. The Fillies were already up 1-0.

While Amber Fistler was up to bat, O’Brien stole third base. Fistler ended up being walked to base, but quickly stole second. After a Filly strikeout, Gabi Rodriguez was also walked to base, loading the bases for the Fillies.

Although her hit was caught in the outfield, Riley Hall’s hit allowed O’Brien to run home for the second run of the game. After O’Brien scored, the bases were loaded again when Chase Wadsworth was walked to base. Unfortunately, the Fillies weren’t able to score again before the end of the game when Kylie Merical’s hit was caught.

The Fillies kept the Mohawks from scoring in the bottom of the first inning, only allowing one batter to walk to base. The Fillies led the game 2-0.

The Fillies kept it up when they scored another run in the second inning to lead by three runs.

The inning didn’t start so when Shelby Freestone was struck out, but Kramer followed it up with another single. O’Brien had another single as well, that turned into a double again when the Mohawks had yet another error. The overthrow to first base not only allowed O’Brien to make it to second base, but Kramer score another run.

The next two Fillies were thrown out before another run could be scored, but the Fillies’ pitcher, Allie Boender, was able to strikeout the first three batters to end the inning 3-0.

Unfortunately, the Mohawks came back to get the first three Fillies out in the third inning and scored four runs to lead the game.

The Mohawks half of the inning began with three batters being walked to load the bases. After a single was hit, the first two Mohawk runs were scored by Brianna Notermann and Hannah Faktor.

While Kayla Till was up to bat, Sami Miller stole second, but was tagged out for the Mohawks first out of the inning; Till ended up being walked to base. Erika Mariner was now on third base, while trying to make it home, she was rundown and tagged out before she could score.

Anna Lensing was up to bat next, she hit a double, allowing Till to make it back home. McKenna Mentik followed by hitting a double too. Unfortunately she was thrown out, but not before Lensing was able to score the Mohawks’ fourth run. The inning ended with the Mohawks leading 4-3.

Both teams were able to score in the fourth inning.

The filling started the inning with a single from Kylie Merical, which was followed by a double from Shelby Freestone. Although Kramer’s’ hit was caught, Kylie Merical was able to run home for the Fillies’ only run of the inning.

The next two Filly batters were called out and the Mohawks were up to bat.

Just like the Fillies, the Mohawks started the inning with a single, hit by Alicia Hoeft. Hoeft then stole second while Sierra Miner was up to bat. While at Miner and Notermann ended up being called out for two of the three outs of the inning.

The Fillies’ walked another Mohawk to base, but then struck out Erika Mariner, but not before Hoeft stole home. The Mohawks remained one run ahead (5-4).

Neither team was able to score in the fifth inning.

The Fillies finally had their comeback in the sixth inning. Again, they started the inning strong with a single from Wadsworth and a bunt that allowed Kylie Merical to get to first base. Kylie Merical quickly moved to second base with another overthrow to first base.

Wadsworth’s courtesy runner, Nicole Merical, finally made it back over home plate after a Filly strikeout and a caught hit. Nicole Merical’s run tied up the game at 5-5.

The Fillies got the lead when O’Brien hit a single and allowed Kylie Merical to make it back home. Although the inning ended with a strikeout, the Fillies were able to lead 6-5.

The Fillies were able to stop the Mohawks from scoring by keeping three of the first four batters from making it to base.

Neither team was able to score in the seventh inning, allowing the Fillies to win the close game 6-5.

The Fillies will now move on to play Boone for the Regional Semifinals on Saturday, July 8 at 7:00 p.m.