The Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers played the Xavier Saints for their first round of Regional play on Saturday, July 8. The Tigers’ season season came to a rough end when the Saints won 10-0 in the sixth inning.

The game seemed like an even match until the third inning, when the Saints took the lead by three runs. The Saints only continued to lead and the Tigers just couldn’t stop them.

The game started with two quick outs for the Tigers, but they came back with a single from Abbie Hlas. After Hlas’s single, Ashley Tennant hit a double to get on base as well. Unfortunately, the Tigers’ first first inning ended before they could score after Lexi Wyant’s hit was caught by the Saints.

Although the first three Saints were able to hit the ball, the Tigers were able to stop all three from making it to base and ended the inning 0-0.

Again the Tigers started the second inning with two outs, but Brooke Hickey was able to come back with another hit for the Tigers. Hickey hit a single, but was able to make it to second base on an error by the Saints.

Kate Collins was also able to make it to base when she was walked. Again, before either could score, another out was called against the Tigers to end the inning.

In the bottom of the second inning, Cassi Himmelsbach was the first batter on base after being hit by a pitch. Hannah Helms hit a single next for the Saints, she was also able to make it to base, but Himmelsbach was thrown out on the play.

Katie Langholz was able to get on base when she had the third hit of the inning for the Saints. Although the Saints were able to get in three hits against the Tigers, they weren’t able to score when the Tigers threw out Charli Patten at first base.

Once again, the Tigers weren’t able to score in the third inning. The Saints, however, were able to score three runs.

It looked as though the inning would started just like the last two, with two outs after the first two batters, but things quickly changed.

Keera Ball was the first Saint on base when she hit a single, she was quickly rounding the base when Charlotte Richards hit a single as well but advanced on an error.

Ball scored the Saints’ first run when Olivia Richards hit a single as well. With another single hit by Himmelsbach, Charlotte Richards was back at home as well. The Saints now led 2-0.

The bases were loaded after Helms was walked to base, and with another hit by Langholz, Olivia Richards was back home for the third run. The third inning ended with the Saints leading 3-0.

The Saints were able to knock out the first three Tigers in the fourth inning once again, while the Tigers allowed the Saints four more runs.

In just a few pitches, the Tigers had allowed Hannah Williams. After walking Olivia Richards, the bases were loaded when Himmelsbach hit a single. Her single allowed Ball to score the Saints’ fifth run of the game.

The Tigers earned their second out of the inning when they threw Charlotte Richards out at home, stopping her from scoring the sixth run.

It didn’t take long for the Saints to score again, though. With another single from Langholz, Olivia Richards and Himmelsbach were able to make it back to home plate. The score was now 7-0.

The Tigers stopped the Saints before they could score again in the inning, but the Saints also stopped the Tigers from scoring in the fifth inning.

The Tigers allowed two hits before they were able to stop the Saints in the fifth inning. Luckily, they kept them from scoring again.

The sixth inning looked to be the best for the Tigers.

Again, it started with a strikeout, but was followed by a hit. Hlas was the Tiger to hit the single, she immediately advanced to third after two errors.

Unfortunately, this was the closest Hlas got to home, as Tennant was caught out next and Wyant was walked to base. The sixth inning for the Tigers ended scoreless again after Aniston Smith was thrown out.

The Saints had their final three runs in the bottom of the sixth inning. After four hits and one out, Helms scored the first run of the inning.

Williams was struck out next, but Marshall was able to make it to base after an error, allowing Langholz to score again. The game ended when Ball hit another single and Williams ran back home.

The game came to an immediate end with the Saints winning 10-0. The Tigers finished their season with a 19-16 record.