The Waukee Warriors played the Ottumwa Bulldogs on Tuesday, July 11 for the Regional Championship. The Warriors won 4-0 and will be moving on to the State Tournament.

In the first inning, neither the Bulldogs nor the Warriors were able to score. The Bulldogs’ Madison Wiley was the only batter to make it to base the entire inning.

The first run was scored in the second inning. The Warriors quickly moved to offense after tagging out the first three Bulldogs in the top of the inning.

After the Bulldogs tagged out the Warriors’ first batter, Molly Platte came back with the Warriors’ first hit of the game. Platte’s hit was followed by the second out of the inning, but Kelli Fogt came back strong with a triple. Fogt’s hit put Platte safely at home and the Warriors up one run.

The inning ended when Grace Foxen was tagged out at first; the Warriors led 1-0.

Again, the Warriors were able to get the first three Bulldog batters out in the third inning lineup and then scored one run of their own.

After two Warrior outs, Delaney Taylor officially began the third inning with a single. Taylor then stole second base while Sarah Schaefer was up to bat. Schaefer brought Taylor back home when she hit a double, and the Warriors had scored their second run.

The Bulldogs were finally able to get another hit in during the fourth inning. After two strikeouts, Dakota Garrison hit a single to get to base. Sydney Schlarbaum (Garrison’s runner) went to steal second while Kacy Nickerson was at bat, but was tagged out while sliding into base.

The Warriors began their half of the inning with a hit from Platte. Kasey Costa bunted the ball, allowing Grace Clouser (Platte’s runner) to advance to second. Unfortunately, Costa was tagged out for the first out of the inning.

Luckily, with another single hit by Fogt, Clouser was able to make it back over home plate for the Warriors third run.

After the run, Emma Richards was tagged out at first and Kelsey Rincon struck out to end the inning 3-0.

In the fifth inning, both teams were able to get the first three batters out, and the Warriors continued the streak in the top of the sixth inning.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, the Warriors had three singles in a row. Morgan Nealey hit the first, Platte came second and Costa loaded the bases.

Fogt had the fourth hit, but it was caught in the outfield. Although she was called out, Mary Gray (Nealey’s runner) and Platte were able to run back home. Unfortunately though, only one run scored as Platte was tagged out while sliding through home plate. Another out was called and the inning ended 4-0.

The Warriors only allowed the Bulldogs one more hit in the seventh inning before the game ended 4-0.

The Warriors will be moving on to play in the State Tournament on Tuesday, July 18. They will take on Dowling Catholic at 1:30 p.m. at Rogers Sports Complex in Fort Dodge.