The Waukee Warriors played the Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson Yellowjackets for their first round of postseason play on Friday, July 14. The Warriors dominated the Yellowjackets with a 10-0 victory after the sixth inning.

The Warriors even began the game strong by only allowing one Yellowjacket to make it to base and then scoring four runs in the first inning alone.

Dillon Flynn began the first inning with a triple, he wasn’t able to make it home right away as Calvin Smith was walked to base next. While Fischer Henderson was up to bat, Smith stole second, which when Henderson hit a double allowed both Flynn and Smith to score.

After the Warriors’ first three batters, they already led 2-0.

Henderson scored the third run when Jake Morrison made it to base with his hit. After a couple more hits and two outs called against the Warriors, Morrison made it back home as well.

Two Warriors remained on base after Morrison scored; Bubba Woods was up to bat next. While Woods’ was batting, Ross Hingst tried stealing home, but was tagged for the third out of the inning. The Warriors led 4-0.

In the second inning, Ethan Evers was the only Yellowjacket to hit off of the Warriors. Although he made it to second base off his hit, the two outs called before him and third after him didn’t allowing him to score.

The Yellowjackets didn’t allow the Warriors any hits in the second inning. Flynn was the only Warrior to make it to base after being thrown four balls.

The Warriors were able to knock out, in order, the first three Yellowjacket batters of the third inning. The inning didn’t begin well for the Warriors, though either, with a strikeout called on the first batter.

Tyrese Moore was the first Warrior on base after being walked. After another out, Zach Pierson hit a double which allowed Moore to score the fifth run. The inning ended there after another hit by the Warriors’ was caught in the outfield. The Warriors were now up 5-0.

Again, the Warriors were able to get the first three batters for the Yellowjackets out in the fourth inning. The Warriors, on the other hand, added four more runs to the scoreboard.

The inning started with a single hit by Woods, which was followed by another hit from Flynn. Unfortunately while running to second, Woods’ runner Nolan Roethler was tagged out on a fielder’s choicer.

Flynn was still able to move around the bases easily when he stole second when Smith was up to bat. Smith then hit a double allowing Flynn to score the first run of the inning.

Smith scored the second run of the inning for the Warriors after a couple more hits and another batter was walked to base.

Morrison and Moore remained on base while Ross Hingst was up to bat. Hingst hit a single, but his hit allowed both Morrison and Moore to score.

Although a base was stolen and a balk was called, the inning ended with a strikeout before the Warriors’ could score their tenth run.

The fifth inning went fast, with one Warrior being the only batter to make it to base. The game remained at 9-0.

The Warriors ended the sixth inning almost as quickly as they did the fifth. They started by tagging out the first three Yellowjackets to get on offense.

Henderson and Morrison were the only two Warriors to bat in the inning. Both hit a single, but on Morrison’s hit, Henderson was able to run back home to immediately end the game.

The Warriors won 10-0 in the sixth inning. They will be playing Urbandale on Wednesday, July 19 in Waukee at 7:00 p.m.