The Waukee Warriors traveled to play at the Rogers Sports Complex in Fort Dodge for the State Softball Tournament on July 18. The Warriors won the 5A quarterfinal game against the Dowling Catholic Maroons, 3-1.

Sarah Schaefer started the game out strong for the Warriors. As just the third batter of the game, Schaefer hit a two-run home run for the Warriors.

Logan Akason, the Warriors’ first batter, had started the first inning with a single and then stole second while Taylor Delaney was up to bat. Schaefer’s hit allowed Akason to score and the Warriors to lead 2-0.

The next two batters were called out, but the Warriors had begun their lead in the top of the first inning.

The Maroons lessened the gap to one run in the bottom of the inning. Hallie Ketcham was the Maroon to score. She started the game with a single and advanced to second base on a bunt from Nicole Bellis. Although Bellis was tagged out, the next two Maroons were able to get on base, which allowed Ketcham to score.

The next hit was a dead ball and the first inning ended with the Warriors leading 2-1.

Neither team was able to score or get to base in the second inning.

The Warriors earned their third and final run in the third inning.

Natalie Wellet started the inning by making it to base after being thrown four balls. Grace Clouser, Wellet’s courtesy runner, scored the run after moving around the bases on two outs and a single.

The inning ended with another hit being caught, but the Warriors had moved their lead back up to two.

The Warriors didn’t allow the Maroons any hits or runs in the bottom of the third, and the Maroons did the same in the top of the fourth inning. The Maroons were able to fit one hit in before the Warriors ended of the fourth inning.

Again, neither team had any hits or runs in the fifth inning and the game quickly advanced to the sixth.

It looked as though the Warriors were going to be able to score another run in the sixth inning, when they had three singles in a row.

Although there were three singles, the bases were yet to be loaded, as Kate Felt had been tagged out at third base on Molly Platte’s hit. The Warriors’ next batter, Kasey Costa, loaded the bases when she was walked.

Unfortunately, Kelli Fogt was called out, ending the inning, before the Warriors could score again.

The Warriors allowed the Maroons two hits in the bottom of the inning, but were able to get three out before they could score.

Both teams only allowed one hit before the end of the seventh inning. The Warriors won the game 3-1 and will be moving on to play in the semifinal round against Cedar Rapids Kennedy on Thursday, July 20 at 11 a.m.