The Waukee Warriors played the Urbandale J-Hawks for their second Substate game. The Warriors won the exciting game 3-2 to advance to the State Tournament.

“It was a great high school baseball game,”said coach Dave Dirkx. “We played well, we pitched it, we fielded it, and how about that out of the seniors coming up in the end of the ball game. I’m glad they pulled through, it was awesome, I’m proud of them.”

The Warriors didn’t allow the J-Hawks a single hit until the sixth inning.

“I thought our pitcher was really good, I thought Drew threw really, really well,” said Drikx. “I thought our defense was really good too, we just didn’t have a big hit, we left a lot of guys on base and that was probably the big difference.”

The Warriors’ first inning started with two outs, but they also had two hits. Fischer Henderson was the first Warrior to get on base when he hit a single. Jake Morrison followed Henderson with another single, which allowed Henderson to advance to third base.

Tyrese Moore was up to bat next, but was struck out before he could get Henderson back home. The first inning ended scoreless.

Ross Hingst began the second inning with a double, but was quickly tagged out at third after a bunt hit by Zach Pierson. Pierson was able to make it to base, and even stole second while Drew Irvine was up to bat.

After Irvine was walked, Bubba Woods had a hit that was called as an infield fly giving the Warriors their second out of the inning.

The bases were loaded when Calvin Smith hit a single allowing Pierson and Nolan Roethler to round the bases back home. Only Pierson was able to score, but the Warriors now led 1-0.

The Warriors kept the game going by scoring their second run in the third inning.

After Henderson started the inning by being tagged out at first base, both Morrison and Moore got on base with singles.

Another infield fly was called against the Warriors and Pierson was up to bat next. Pierson hit a double which allowed Morrison to run back home and score the second run.

Before Moore could score, Irvine’s hit was caught and the inning ended 2-0.

In the fourth inning, Woods was the only Warrior to get a base hit, but his runner, Brock Sailer, was able to make it around to third base before the end of the inning.

Neither team had any hits in the fifth inning and the game quickly advanced to the sixth. The only batter in the sixth inning to get to base was J-Hawk Chris Miller.

The seventh inning is where the game got interesting.

The J-Hawks came out strong in the top of the inning, determined to come back. Brock Skoog started the inning by hitting a single. Although Skoog’s hit was followed by an out, his courtesy runner, Josh Neyens quickly advanced around the bases.

Both Ben DeKruyf and Michael Van Riessen had were able to make it to base. Van Riessan hit a double allowing Neyens to score the J-Hawks’ first run and put Ty Cowley (DeKruyf’s runner) on third base.

After Noah Cook was walked to base, the J-Hawks’ bases were loaded. Cowley scored the J-Hawks’ second run of the game when Brook Heinen hit another single.

Cook’s run was the last run for the J-Hawks as the Warriors were able to catch the next two hits to end the top of the inning. The J-Hawks had tied the game 2-2.

In the bottom of the inning, the Warriors were able to load the bases quickly when Flynn and Morrison hit singles and Henderson was walked to base.

The game started to look like it might go into extra innings when Moore was struck out for the second out of the inning.

Luckily, Hingst turned it around with another single bringing Flynn back home, scoring the final run and ending the game 3-2.

The Warriors will head to Principal Park on Wednesday, July 26 to play Prairie, Cedar Rapids at 11:00 a.m.

“You can’t beat this, you can’t beat getting into the State Tournament,” said Dirkx. “They worked hard, they played well and that’s what’s cool. You do it for this reason, look at the smiles on their faces, that’s why I do it, it’s really cool.”