The Waukee Warriors baseball team took on the Cedar Rapids, Prairie Hawks on July 26 for the Class 4A State Baseball Quaterfinals. The Warriors ended up winning the game 1-0 to advance in the State Tournament.

The game was a slow one, with very few hits from either team.

In the first inning, the only two batters to get on base were Warriors Fischer Henderson and Jake Morrison, and only Morrison had a hit.

In the second inning, neither team was able to get a single hit and the game went into the third inning scoreless.

The third inning remained scoreless as well, but both teams were able to get a couple of hits in.

Bubba Woods started the third inning for the Warriors by getting to base on an error by the Hawks. Woods’ runner, Nolan Roethler, was able to make it to third base before the inning ended when Dillon Flynn bunted the ball and Calvin Smith had a hit to the outfield.

Neither Warrior was able to make it to base, leaving Roethler on base after a strikeout.

The Hawks were also able to get a couple hits in their half of the third inning.

After a strikeout, Dalton Rayner was able to get to base after a Warrior error. Rayner’s hit was followed by singles hit by Colin Conrad and Levi Usher.

Luckily for the Warriors, with Usher’s hit, they were able to tag out Conrad at second base.

When another hit was caught by the Warriors the inning ended 0-0.

Only Warrior Tyrese Moore was able to get on base in the fourth inning due to another error made by the Hawks.

The Warriors also allowed Hawk Matt Lorenz a hit to get to first base before ending the inning still tied at zero.

The fifth inning is when the energy of the game began to pick up.

The Warriors started their half of the inning with two outs, but Woods was the first to get on base with a single.

Flynn and Smith followed suit each hitting a single to load the bases. Roethler was then able to score when Henderson was walked to base.

The bases were still loaded, but before Flynn could score, Morrison was thrown out at first.

The Hawks’ Joe Meyer was the only one able to get a base hit against the Warriors in the fifth inning, as the Warriors were able to catch the three hits to the outfield.

The fifth inning ended with the Warriors leading 1-0

In the last two innings, the Warriors only had two batters get on base and the Hawks had one and neither team was able to score.

The game ended with the Warriors winning 1-0 and they will be moving on to play in the Semifinals on Friday, July 28; the opponent and time is yet to be decided.