Major League Baseball player and Dallas Center-Grimes alum, Tony Watson, was traded from the Pittsburgh Pirates to the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday, July 31.

Watson pitched for the Pirates for seven seasons.

Tony Watson's father, Steve Watson, is the Athletic Director at DC-G.

Steve Watson said that they knew going into Monday, that Tony would be involved in a trade or at least a lot of rumors. He also said that it was only half an hour before the trade that the rumor began to spread that Los Angeles might be the destination.

“Getting traded did not surprise anyone,” Steve said.

When the trade happened just a simple text was sent.

“He simply sent me a text at about 2:50 p.m. that said one word “Dodgers,” Steve said.

In 2016 Watson played 70 games for the pirates. He pitched 67.2 innings, saved 15 games and gave up five games. He finished the 2016 season withe a 5-2 record, giving up 52 hits, 26 runs and 10 home runs, but struck out a total of 58 batters. Watson finished the season with a 3.06 ERA.

In his MLB career, so far, Watson has pitched 451 games. Of those games, playing as a reliever and closer, he has 30 saves and a record of 31-16. Watson has also given up 351 hits, 137 runs and 41 home runs and he has also struck out 380 batters. Watson has a career ERA of 2.68.

Watson continued to be a closer in the beginning of the season for the Pirates. In the 47 games he played for the team, he pitched 46.2 innings and recorded 10 saves with a 5-3 record, Watson has given up 57 hits, 20 runs and seven home runs. He has struck out 35 batters. Watson ended his season with the Pirates with an ERA of 3.66.

According to Steve, Tony was already preparing to fly out to Atlanta Tuesday morning to join the Dodgers.

“Obviously going to the Dodgers in 2017 is a big deal with the way they have played and some of the other players they picked up on Monday,” Steve said. “He just hopes to contribute to their success. Pittsburgh was good to him. It was a place he started his career, had great relationships with his teammates and also was very well liked by the media there. As much as Monday was emotional for him, the return trip to Pittsburgh in three weeks, when he is dressing in the other clubhouse, will be too.”

He made his first appearance with the Dodgers on Tuesday in Atlanta against the Braves. He threw nine pitches in one inning, where he allowed one hit and was credited with a hold in the Dodgers' 3-2 win over the Braves.