As the football season approaches, the Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers football team hosted their annual middle school and high school camp this past week (July 31-August 3).

About 85 Tigers (35 7-8 grades, 50 9-12 grades) attended the camp to work on their skills before the 2017-2018 season begins.

In the four days, the Tigers have worked on their offensive and defensive skills and formations according to coach Mike Whisner.

“Its just trying to give them a head start on what we’re trying to do,” said Whisner, “you know, obviously no pads, no dummies, nothing like that, just working on ball drills and trying to get better on individual positions and skills.”

The camp allows the athletes to get a jump start on regular practices and the actual season by allowing them to learn the offensive, defensive and overall skills of the team.

“At camp our focus is drills and skills and installing,” said Whisner, “when we get into the actual season, we’ll have more conditioning and that type of thing. A lot of the stuff right now is mental, just preparing us for when we get into the season, preparing us physically and mentally. In the season we prepare more for the opponent that week.”

The Tigers’ football camp means another season is quickly approaching, it also means exciting beginnings for a few other reasons.

“The big thing is we have a couple new coaches, which is exciting,” said Whisner. “One is Chris Rupe, he is our defensive coordinator, and then we have another JV coach, Nolan Gitch and then we have two more coming in, one is Brent Jambor and then Kelly Delagardelle, he is the high school counselor. So that’s exciting and the camp really helps the kids get used to them, because they all have a position that they coach. They get to work with those athletes now before it’s crunch time when it’s like, ‘you’ve got to get this’, now it’s like ‘hey did you get it, nope, okay lets reteach it.’”