The Dallas Center-Grimes Fillies softball season ended in the second round of regional play after a seventh inning loss to Boone, 5-4. With this final loss, the Fillies’ ended their season with a record of 23-18.

According to, Amber Fistler and Riley Hall led the team in hits with 44 each. Fistler scored 17 runs and nine home runs last season for the Fillies. She also had 33 RBIs and a batting average of 0.352. Hall scored 16 runs total and one home run. She ended the season with 16 RBIs and a batting average of 0.355.

The third leader of hits was Brooke Kramer with a total of 41. Kramer was also the Fillies’ leading scorer with a 32 runs on the season. She also had ten RBIs and a 0.323 batting average.

Allie Boender started 23 games as pitcher for the Fillies. Boender ended the season with a 16-9 record after she pitched 155.33 innings. She threw 213 strikeouts throughout the season and finished with an ERA of 3.06.

Hall also pitched for the Fillies. She started 12 games, pitching 58.66 innings and ended the season with a record of 4-6. Hall struck out 36 batters and had and ERA of 3.70 on the season.

The third pitcher of the season for the Fillies was Lani Gannon. She pitched 50.66 innings and started seven games, finished the season with a record of 3-3. She struck out 23 batters throughout the season and had and ERA of 6.22.