The Waukee Warriors baseball team finished the 2017 season in the State Baseball Semifinals with a loss to Johnston, 5-4. The Warriors had a strong season finish with an overall record of 29-14.

According to, leading the Warriors in hits this season was Fischer Henderson with a total of 48. Henderson also scored 28 runs, had 22 RBIs and a batting average of 0.313.

Tyrese Moore and Dillon Flynn followed Henderson with 42 hits each. Scoring 33 runs, Flynn led the Warriors last season. Flynn had just seven RBIs for the Warriors, but finished the year with a batting average of 0.326. Moore scored 23 runs throughout the season and had 16 RBIs. He finished the year with a batting average of 0.328.

Drew Irvine started 12 games as pitcher for the Warriors. Irvine pitched a total of 68 innings, ending the year with a 9-2 record. In the 2017 season, he struck out 46 batters and had an ERA of 1.13.

Ross Hingst was the Warriors second leading pitcher. He ended the year with a 3-4 record after starting seven games and pitching 45 innings. Sorenson threw 45 strikeouts and had and ERA of 2.49.