On Friday, Aug. 18 the Waukee Warriors football team held their annual Power Bowl to unofficially begin the 2017-2018 season.

Each year, for admission into the scrimmage, the Warriors ask that their fans bring a sports drink of some kind to distribute to the team throughout the season.

The Power Bowl is an team scrimmage in which the Warriors run plays against one another. The scrimmage also helps Warrior head coach, Scott Carlson, look for some key things from his team.

“Staying healthy is always a priority for us as well as getting continuity in both the offensive and defensive unit,” said Carlson. “Trying to find the players who are making breakthroughs is always something we look for in our scrimmage.”

The Power Bowl helps put the Warriors’ early work into action when time is running short on the preseason. According to Carlson, the Warriors have been working hard on their fundamentals and becoming more comfortable with their plays and calls.

“This is the time of year when it’s a crash course for the players both mentally and physically,” Carlson said. “We also focused on [in the preseason] building quality depth on both sides of the ball.”

The Warriors are coming off a strong 2016 season in which they finished 8-3 after the final playoff game with a loss to Dowling Catholic. The Warriors have their first game at home against Urbandale on Friday, Aug. 25 at 7 p.m.

“This is always the time of year when you get to the point that, ready or not, it’s time to play and see what you’ve got,” Carlson said. “We’re excited about the opportunity to finally play a game against a quality opponent, Urbandale.”