The Dallas Center-Grimes cross country teams travelled to Ames for their first invitational of the season hosted by Gilbert on Thursday, Aug. 25.

Both the Fillies and the Mustangs placed well at the meet, with the Fillies finishing first in the girls’ division and the Mustang second in the boys’.

The Fillies finished the meet with a team average time of 21:56 minutes with a 1:01 minute spread and a total of 37 points.

The top seven finishers for the Fillies were Emma Angus, Miranda Muhlstein, Katie Murano, Lexi Smith, Natalie Paulson, Grace Robbins and Sami Sterbenz. Four of those top finishers were in the top ten of the meet.

Angus led the Fillies when she placed second with her time of 21:34. Muhlstein followed when she finished with a time of 21:42 and placed fifth.

In eighth place was Murano with her time of 21:42 and just 13 seconds behind Murano. Murano finished with a time of 22:01 and placed ninth.

Paulson, Robbins and Sterbenz were the final top seven finishers for the Fillies. Paulson placed 13th with a final time of 22:35, Robbins had a time of 23:33 and place 20th, Sterbenz followed in 21st with her time of 23:37.

The Mustangs had an average team time of 18:07 minutes with a 1:05 minutes spread. They finished the meet with 51 points.

The Mustangs have three of their top seven runners in the top ten; Jacob Waymire, Trenton Meggers and Alex Thompson. Bradley Ramsey, Brian Miner, Steve Borneman and Ean Followwill were the other top four runners for the Mustangs.

Waymire placed third overall with his time of 17:29. Meggers placed ninth with a time of 18:10 and just one second behind, in tenth place, was Thompson.

Just two seconds behind Thompson was Ramsey. Ramsey finished with a time of 18:13 for 12th place. For 17th place, Miner finished the meet with a time of 18:34.

For 20th place, Borneman ran a time of 18:41 and Followwill placed 21st for the Mustangs with his time of 18:42.

Both the Mustangs and Fillies will be hosting and invitational on Tuesday, Aug. 29 in Dallas Center at 5 p.m.