To open up the season, rivals Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers and the Dallas Center-Grimes Mustangs football teams played one another tonight (Aug. 25). The Mustangs dominated the game, winning 35-0.

After the Tigers’ kickoff and the Mustangs’ first return of the game, the Mustangs had their first first down of the game.

With just under 11 minutes left in the first quarter, the Mustangs fumbled allowing the Tigers to gain possession. The Tiger possession didn’t last long, but neither did the Mustangs when they had a bad punt.

Although the Tigers were able to get the ball and gain a few yards, an incomplete pass gave the Mustangs possession again.

With nine minutes left in the first quarter, the Mustangs held control the majority of the remaining time.

The Tigers were able to hold the Mustangs from their end zone up until just under two minutes left in the quarter.

Tiger Nick Bradshaw was able to block a Mustang attempt at a touchdown with an interception, but a holding call was called against the Tigers allowing for a Mustang first down.

On the play, Mustang Damon Clapper was able to put the ball into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game. With Mustang kicker Austin James’ extra point successful, the Mustangs were up 7-0 at the end of the first quarter.

The Mustangs scored just five seconds after the second quarter started when play resumed at the first and goal line.

Instead of going for a PAT, the Mustangs chose to go for a two-point conversion. Tanner Epple was the one to run the ball in and put the Mustangs ahead 15-0.

The Tigers couldn’t catch a break, Ethan Meyer had the punt return, but with an illegal block called against them, they weren’t able to gain any yards and lost possession.

Just two minutes after their last touchdown, Clapper threw a 13-yard touchdown pass to Garrett Belzer. The extra point was no good, but the Mustangs led 21-0.

Meyer earned the Tigers a few yards after a reception, but again, the Tigers’ possession didn’t last long. After a 41-yard punt, the Mustangs recovered the ball.

Luke Fistler carried the ball down the field for the Mustangs, when the Tigers were finally able to stop him, the Mustangs were playing from the first and goal line.

Epple had the two-yard touchdown for the Mustangs, which was followed by a successful extra point. With four and a half minutes left in the half, the Mustangs led 28-0.

The half ended in interceptions from both teams.

The Tigers were able to hold possession of the ball for a good portion of the third quarter.

Unfortunately, the Tigers still weren’t able to gain as many yards as the Mustangs, and soon, they were back at the first and goal line.

Clapper ran the ball in for the Mustangs and with James’ PAT, the score was 35-0 allowing the clock to continuously run.

The third quarter ended 35-0. The Tigers were able to hold the Mustangs off in the fourth quarter keeping them from scoring again, but the Mustangs also kept the Tigers from their end zone, holding the score at 35-0.

“Overall, I felt very good about our performance,” said Mustang head coach Scott Heitland. “We always stress that early season games can be won or lost on turnovers/penalties and we were not too bad in either category in that regard. I think moving forward it will be important for us to just keep gaining confidence in one another and what we want to do with our game plan each week. We had some new faces in some new places and they did a fine job for week one. But as the season continues we must give attention to the details and continue to get better individually so that we can get better as a team. Overall, great first night out and very happy with our kids efforts.”

The Mustangs finished the game with 168 rushing yards and 60 passing yards, while the Tigers had 12 rushing yards and 78 passing yards. The Mustangs also had eight successful passes of their 16 attempts. The Tigers only had seven successful passes of their 23 attempts.

Matthew West led the Tigers in passing and rushing yards. With his nine completed passes he finished the game with a total of 68 yards. West had 14 rushing yards from his ten attempts. Tiger Gavin O’Steen led in receptions with a final of four and a total of 33 yards.

Damon Clapper led the Mustangs in passing yards (46) and rushing yards (72). He also scored three rushing touchdowns and had one 13-yard passing touchdown. Tanner Epple had three receptions for the Mustangs, finishing the game with a total of 19 yards.

The Mustangs next game is Friday, September 1 at home against Pella at 7:30 p.m. The Tigers also play on Friday. They will be playing at Ballard at 7:30 p.m.