The Adel-DeSoto-Minburn Tigers football team had a rough season. The Tigers finished the year with a 1-8 record, with their only victory coming from a 7-6 forfeit in the second week against Ballard.

The Tigers had 246 pass attempts on the season, with 107 completions. In those completions, the Tigers finished the year with 1,305 passing yards for an average of 12.2 yards per completion. As a team, the Tigers threw just 12 touchdowns, with the longest being for 76 yards.

To lead the Tigers, senior Matthew West had 215 passing attempts and 95 completions. West had 1,195 passing yards and averaged 12.6 yards per completion. He threw ten of the Tigers’ touchdowns, including the longest of 76 yards.

The Tigers’ leading receivers were Cole Knoll, Gavin O’Steen and Gage Fuller. Knoll and O’Steen tied with 25 receptions this season. Knoll had 435 receiving yards and scored five touchdowns, which including the longest of 76 yards. O’Steen had 388 yards on the season and scored four touchdowns.

Fuller had 24 receptions for a total of 201 yards this season. He also scored two touchdowns for the Tigers.

As a team, the Tigers ended the year with 175 rushing attempts for a total of 555 yards. They scored five touchdowns with the longest being for 49 yards.

West also led in rushing attempts and yards. This season he had 85 attempts for 379 yards and averaged 4.5 yards per carry. West scored all five of the Tigers’ rushing touchdowns, with the longest being for 49 yards.

Nick Lindgren was the second leading Tiger. Lindgren finished the season with 41 attempts for 72 rushing yards.

The Tigers had a total of 117 points last season; 30 rushing points, 72 receiving points, 11 PATs and four two-point conversions.

West and Knoll were the Tigers top two leading scorers of the season. Both Tigers scored 30 points; West in rushing points and Knoll in receiving points. O’Steen followed with a total of 24 receiving points on the season.

The Tigers racked up a total of 462.5 tackles on the season, 390 of which were solo and 72.5 that were tackle assists. As a team, the Tigers had 19 solo tackles for loss last season and just one tackle assist for loss. They also had two solo sacks and one sack assist.

In total tackles, Nicholas Bradshaw led the Tigers. Bradshaw had 91 tackles at the end of the season; 78 solo tackles and 13 tackle assists. He also had 11 solo tackles for loss and one of the Tigers’ solo sacks.

Lindgren was the second leader with 39.5 tackles, 32 of which were solo and 7.5 that were tackle assists. Just one tackle behind Lindgren was Leo Tauke with a total of 38.5 on the season. Tauke had 32 solo tackles and 6.5 tackle assists. He also had two solo tackles for loss, 0.5 tackle assists for loss and 0.5 sack assists.

The Tigers 2017-2018 season came to an end with a 1-8 record.