It’s always a good feeling to start the season with a win and Woodward-Granger Football did just that, but took it to the next level by winning their game against Madrid by a huge margin in their season opener on Friday, Aug. 24. Coming out of the game 55-29, the Hawks stuck through any tough moments to make sure the first game at home was one to remember.

Although the outcome was very victorious, W-G did not spend the entire game being so comfortably ahead of their opponent. Going into halftime the Hawks were at a 29-23 lead that saw potential to make the young team unsure of their win. However, Head Coach George Ashman was able to rally the team in the locker room with words of encouragement to ensure a wildly successful second half.

“I told them (in the locker room) to remember that we coach whoever has the ball, everybody else is security for that guy,” Coach Ashman said. “You’ve got to sell out for him because you don’t have the ball so you have to block for him.”

Coach Ashman said he knew his team would listen and respond positively to that advice which proved to be true in the last half of the game. With 26 unanswered points in the last two quarters combined, the Hawks were very pleased with the outcome.

While Coach Ashman was originally concerned with filling several roles that last year’s graduating class had on lock-down, many saw both underclassmen and upperclassmen rise to the occasion and show their worth on the field.

Junior Bryce Achenbach said he was nervous at the beginning of the game, but remained somewhat confident in his teams ability to win.

“We kept telling them (the other team members) … play for someone else, don’t worry about yourself and just push through it,” Achenbach said.

Another leader among the Hawks was Keith Braunschweig. Braunschweig says he was proud of what his team accomplished on Friday.

“Like we say in practice, I can’t do anything without our line,” Braunschweig said. “They are really under appreciated for how much work they put in during the week to prepare for Friday. I couldn’t have done this without them.”

Woodward-Granger will play their next game at Ogden on Friday, Aug. 31.