Van Meter’s Bob Feller was born a Catholic, but his family later converted to Methodism. The reason — the parish priest reprimanded Bob’s father, William, for allowing his son to play baseball on Sundays. His father also planted wheat, rather than corn, on the family’s 360-acre farm because wheat was a less labor-intensive crop than corn. That gave his son more time to play baseball; still Bob Feller, in later years, said his blazing fastball was the result of hard childhood work milking cows, picking corn and baling hay.


John Cook left a pair of buggy shafts on the public square Monday while he went for his team, and upon going after them found they had been pawned by a thirsty crowd at one of the drug stores, for soda water. John paid the bill and is now laying for those same thirsty people.

* * *

Some young people out on horseback riding Sunday evening ran a race down Court Street, causing a number attending the meeting at the Christian Church, as well as those reading along the street, to turn out to witness what was taken for a wild runaway.


"Believe it or not, but this is a rooster egg," said Keith Murry as he brought in an ordinary looking egg last Thursday. And he proved his statement. Keith declares the egg was found in one of the crates which had been filled with roosters. No hens were allowed in the building and if a rooster didn’t lay it, who did?

* * *

"There is only one game law violation worse than dynamiting fish, and that is catching fish with the hands," says Taylor Huston, deputy game warden who patrols the rivers in this vicinity. He was commenting on the arrest of three Adel men and two Earlham parties at Redfield recently. Mr. Huston explained that the fish could be caught with the hands only when they were spawning and this results in the destruction of thousands of eggs. Now that we understand it, most of us have lost our sympathy for the men who were assessed a fine of $28.


About two dozen American and Soviet peace walkers will be in Adel next week to further the cause of ending the arms race. Several area families will all host two walkers — one from the Soviet Union and one from the United States — participating in the American-Soviet Walk, a person-to-person celebration of citizen diplomacy.

* * *

Norman Lamb was announced as selection for the Old Settlers Reunion "Redfield Hall of Honor" during that city’s annual celebration.