The Iowa High School Athletic Association began holding football playoffs to determine state champions in 1972. In the second year of that system, 40 years ago, Dexfield won the Class 1A state championship. Dexfield remains the only Dallas County team ever to accomplish that feat. Under coach Joe Smith, the Blue Devils beat Wall Lake, 28-0, to win the championship after knocking off Pleasantville, 21-6, in the first round.


Sunday morning Frank Hodges and his hired man were out hunting rabbits and on their return to the house they set the gun down loaded and Leslie Hodges, a small boy, got a hold of the gun and in some manner it went off, the load of shot passing through the door and under a high chair where one of the smallest boys was sitting on to where Miss Maud Hodges was sitting, cleaning a lamp flue, the charge of shot striking the limb between the knee and hip. A physician was summoned and it was found that 24 shot had entered the limb, some to the depth of two inches. Only one shot was removed at first visit. It is hoped that Miss Hodges will recover from the accident speedily. We can never be too careful with firearms.

* * *

A little bantam of a fellow from rural districts northwest of town caused no little merriment among the boys in town Friday evening. He was strictly on his metal. He seemed to pay no attention to the avordupoise or official magnitude of any whom he met, even attacking his excellency, Mayor Diddy, who was obliged to show him the interior decorations of the city cooler, in order to quell his combative disposition. When he discovered he was in the hands of an officer of the law, and on the way to the caliboose, he gave up like a boy, and set up a wail so piteous and penetrating that, coupled with the earnest entreaties of a pleading brother, touched the heart of the mayor, who soothingly administered a gentle rebuke and started the lad for home a somewhat wiser, if not a better boy. 25 YEARS AGO

As Tuesday’s vote on the funding mechanism for a more than $2 million public safety facility nears, opponents to the plan are decrying it as a pork barrel which denies citizens the right to input. The referendum, which requires a 60 percent voter approval for passage, seeks approval to issue $2,075,000 to construct the center; however, Dallas County supervisors have said they will build the facility regardless of the final vote tally.

* * *

Van Meter rolled up 668 yards of total offense as the Bulldogs beat Murray, 38-6. Rich Booge caught nine passes for 309 yards and five TDs.