Even though council member Charlie Bottenberg vote “nay” on the site plan for Shadow Creek Car Wash, it was his idea to revote on the business.

The Waukee City Council met at its usual time Sept. 4 in Waukee City Hall. Mayor Bill Peard was not present for the meeting.

Shadow Creek Car Wash was originally discussed at the Aug. 6 meeting, where the council asked to have residents of the nearby location notified a car wash might be going up in the commercial lot at 870 NE Douglas Parkway.

After notifications were sent out with no response, the council voted at the Aug. 20 meeting. However, council members Larry Lyon and Courtney Clarke were absent that day. The vote failed 2-1, with Anna Bergman and Shelly Hughes voting “yes” and Bottenberg voting “no.”

But since there were only three council members present at the Aug. 20 meeting, Bottenberg decided to call for a rescind to that vote.

“Our system is not really designed for three city council members to be at a meeting when one has an issue with a site plan,” Bottenberg said. “So despite the fact that I’m not the one making a motion (to rescind the vote), I am the one that asked for it to come back because it is never my intention that if a majority of city council people … want for an item to go forward, it doesn’t make any sense for one city council person to be standing in the way.”

The motion to rescind the vote taken on Aug. 20 was approved unanimously. The council then voted on the site plan for Shadow Creek Car Wash again. This time the vote passed 4-1, with Bottenberg voting “nay.”

The car wash will be a six-bay, self-serve car wash. Precautions to limit the noise of the dryer and vacuums have been taken in a plan to plant a berm of trees and other foliage along the property lines.

Vehicular access is proposed to be provided from both Douglas Parkway, as well as NE Addison Drive. The architecture of the building has been designed to complement other commercial buildings that have already been built within the development.

In other news:

- The preliminary plat for Apple, Inc. was approved unanimously. The plat is approximately 639 acres located north of Hickman Road and between S Avenue and T Avenue. The plat includes three lots for a data center/substation development and three outlots for future phases of the data center development.