The Auxiliary Unit 211 hosted a Quilt of Valor program on May 27 following a Memorial Day dinner for all member veterans, their spouses and families that was held at the Woodward American Legion Post 211.

Ann Rehbein, a Quilt of Valor Foundation representative, presented quilts to the following veterans:Darrold Bice - U.S. Army - Oct. 1, 1952 to Sept. 30, 1954Lawrence Bice - U.S. Army - Feb. 3, 1954 to Jan. 14, 1956George Edward Devine - U.S. Navy - May 1943 to June 1963Bob Farr - U.S. Navy - Nov. 1, 1943 to Dec. 24, 1945Harold (Bill) Foddy - U.S. Army - July 13, 1945 to Dec. 30, 1946; U.S. Air Force - Nov. 4, 1948 to Nov. 3, 1952 Gerald Nathlich - U.S. Army - June 10, 1953 to May 6, 1955Howard Schutt - U.S. Army - Dec. 1, 1954 to March 15, 1955Arnold Slaughter - U.S. Army - 1952 to 1954Gene Volz - U.S. Army - January 1945 to November 1946Charles (Buster) Frantum - U.S. Marines - March 1960 to September 1962Larry Dean Olsen - U.S. Army - July 1963 to March 13, 1971

Quilts of Valor was started in 2003 by a Blue Star Mom whose son was deployed to Iraq. Upon his return, she presented him with a quilt she had made specifically for him. Seeing his response to the gift she decided it would be wonderful if every returning soldier could have such a quilt. Thus, Quilts of Valor was born and soon any veteran who had honorable served was eligible to receive a quilt.

As of today, over 200,000 Quilts of Valor have been awarded. It it one of the premier projects of the American Legion Auxiliary and other volunteers, including men, across the nation.

A Quilt of Valor says “thank you for your service, sacrifice and valor in serving our nation.”