After a successful turnout before the school year began, Beaver Creek Wrestling Club is gearing up for more girls wrestling clinics.

The events are scheduled free of charge Sunday, Sept. 29 and Sunday, Oct. 13 from 4-6 p.m. in the Woodward-Granger wrestling room.

Girls of all ages are welcomed. No gear needed, just workout clothes and socks.

Beaver Creek coach Rick Sloss said he wanted to start girls clinics so interested wrestlers like his daughter could get experience early.

“Girls wrestling is now a big thing and it’s amazing to see how far it’s come,” Sloss said. “I’m always going to advocate for girls to be involved with wrestling because it can do so much for them and it can grow the sport so much more than it is right now.”

Sloss’ program has also gained support from key figures around the state like high school coaching legend Dwayne Harney.

“What Mr. Sloss is doing here is well overdue and it’s extremely well done,” Harney said. “For the sport itself, I think it’s very important that girls get involved. These girls are just as talented and just as effective as any boy can be.”

Contact Rick Sloss at for more information and registration.6.2.5