The Iowa State Memorial Union is hosting three new art exhibits, and a reception with the artists is planned for Monday, Jan. 29, from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Visit the third-floor Gallery featuring Benjamin Gardner’s paintings, the Pioneer Room with work by Andrea Ferrigno, and make your way to the second floor where Edgard Camacho has a show in the Multicultural Center.

Gardner’s exhibit, “Evensong 20 (Village of Darkness and Light),” is on display through Feb. 12 in the Gallery.

Ontology, cosmology and culture are explored through Gardner’s abstract paintings. Investing in both image-making and the material of paint, the process of layering, showing brushstrokes and mark-making produces visible things that are not typically a part of our visual reality.

Gardner is an associate professor and department chair of art and design at Drake University. He is represented by Moberg Gallery in Des Moines.

Ferrigno’s “Synthesizer” exhibit is on display through Jan. 29 in the Pioneer Room.

Ferrigno investigates color and form in a selection of paintings and prints. Inspired by systems extracted from science and mathematics, the movement and energy of her work creates a distorted kaleidoscope of shapes and hues.

Ferrigno was born in Iowa and currently lives in Galesburg, Ill., where she is an assistant professor of fine art at Knox College.

Camacho’s “Untitled” exhibit is on display in the Multicultural Center through June.

According to Camacho, abstract art, at its truest, is a visual language of forms, colors and texture that doesn’t rely on visual reference to objects. He believes that reality is a construction of prearranged concepts and images which arises from the relationships we already know.

While Camacho paints, form loses importance and reality becomes untitled. The beauty of his paintings will pull you in, but the magic is in your interpretation. He invites you to “enter the painting” and see where it takes you.

Camacho was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and currently lives and works in Des Moines.