KENOSHA, Wisc. — Michaela Prall of Dallas Center participated in a J-Term study tour to Japan with Carthage College.

The “Mythological Japan and Musical Storytelling” study tour allowed members of the Carthage Wind Orchestra to discuss the use of mythological figures and storytelling within the historical context of ancient Japan. The two-week tour examined traditional centers of culture such as Kyoto, Miyajima, and Nara, along with more modern centers of historic importance such as Osaka and Hiroshima. The orchestra was in residence at the Sakuyo University in Kurashiki for four days before they performed a concert at the University Concert Hall.

J-Term is a special month-long period of study in which Carthage students explore subjects outside their majors or minors, discover new interests, and test their creativity through classes held both on campus and around the world. It’s a month to experiment, create and dream. Carthage is ranked No. 4 in the nation among baccalaureate institutions for student participation in short-term study abroad.

Carthage College combines an environment of reflection and self-discovery with a culture of high expectation so our students uncover and ignite their true potential. A four-year, private liberal arts college with roots in the Lutheran tradition, Carthage has a prime location in Kenosha, Wisc. The campus, an 80-acre arboretum on the shore of Lake Michigan, is home to 150 scholars, 2,600 full-time students, and 400 part-time students.