The Dallas County Sheriff's Office held its Ninth Annual All Wheels Show downtown Adel on Saturday, June 3 and saw record numbers showing off their cars in the sunny, warm weather. 164 cars registered for the event.

”In our nine years of doing this, 148 was our highest car volume, but we've ran into a lot of bad weather in the past too, so a whole bunch of different factors play into it,” said Dallas County Sheriff, Chad Leonard. “But today, mother nature's treating us great. 164 registrations, so, definitely a record turnout.”

They had just 51 cars pre-registered for the event, meaning 113 cars showed up and were registered the day of the event, including a lot of cars from outside of Adel.

“We got people calling from Minnesota… We've got cars here we've never seen before, so, a lot of people came over from Des Moines,” Leonard said.

One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the event benefit the Special Olympics of Iowa, which also helped the turnout.

“A lot of people, when they actually heard that 100 percent of the proceeds go to the Special Olympics, they came right over for it,” Leonard said.

In the nine years that the show has been in existence, the Sheriff's Office has always partnered with the Special Olympics.

“It's just something that's near and dear to law enforcement, myself and the people here at the Sheriff's Office,” Leonard said. “I mean, Shannon Rollings and some of the deputies are the backbone of this whole thing, you know, going out and getting the stuff, to talking to car owners. I talk to car owners, try to get them encouraged to get here.”

There were various awards to be handed out, and the show was judged by those who participated and registered. Each person who registered a car received a ballot, walked around the show, filled it out, and placed it in the ballot box by the Sheriff's Office.

Burt Schellabarger of Woodward has participated and shown off vehicles in the All Wheels Show for each of the nine years. While he has shown off multiple vehicles over the years, his 1937 Chevrolet Pickup with a Cummins Diesel Motor has been at the show every year.

For this year's show, the Pickup was the only vehicle he brought to the show.

“Over the years, I've ran out of drivers,” Schellabarger said.

When asked why he keeps coming back every year, he said it's because of Sheriff Leonard, who Schellabarger says is the best Sheriff in the State of Iowa.

He said that he thinks the All Wheels Show is “awesome.”

“The reason for it is the real deal: Special Olympics,” Schellabarger said. “I only do about one car show a year anymore. This one.”

Schellabarger said his goal is to support the Sheriff by having the Chevy Pickup at the first 10 All Wheels Shows.

For Jamie Neuwerth of Des Moines, it was his first time showing off a car in a show. He said he recently purchased a Porsche 911 and brought his 4-year-old son, Jameson, out to see the vehicles on the square with Marty Scott, who is a fellow Porsche 911 owner.

“He (Jameson) loves car shows,” Jamie said. “We go to 'Goodguys' every year and he likes finding trucks. He likes old trucks.”

He went on to say that the All Wheels Show is something he will consider attending and participating in again.

“It's close enough to home,” Jamie said. “We're in Des Moines, so why not? It's one of those things we're going to start getting into, coming out to shows.”