Perry’s DMACC has introduced Interim Director, Randy Gabriel to the VanKirk facility following the recent departure of previous DMACC Director, Rick Carpenter.

“Right now I’m filling in as an Interim Director,” Gabriel said. “At this point it’s interim basis, and DMACC is in the process of looking at all of the options for administrative staff at the VanKirk Center.”

Gabriel, a Grimes resident, has worked with DMACC for 12 years and was involved in the set up of the VanKirk Center.

“The primary roles here at Perry have to do with setting the schedule, the hiring faculty in staff, working with the local school district to determine and develop programs, and working with the community to determine their needs,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel began as the Interim Director on Monday, June 12, and will fill in until otherwise noted.

There is not a current job posting available to the public for a new Director.