Nevada High School graduate Larry Frevert, 54, class of 1981, has lived in quite a few places since growing up in Nevada and graduating from nearby Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Today, however, he’s just one state away, living in Highland Park, Ill., which allows him to get back to Nevada — or at least to the Iowa State sports venues, four or five times a year.

“We were back for ISU’s big win over TCU a couple weeks ago,” he said, proving that his Cyclone roots run deep, and there hasn’t been quite as good a year to be a Cyclone football fan as this one in a long time.

Besides the incredible game he saw that weekend, he also experienced something else that was incredible during his trip back home. “While back in town (Nevada), we took some friends from Illinois by the house I grew up in on Eighth Street. We were walking by and stopped out front. The couple that lives there came out to say ‘hello’ and asked us to come inside to see the house again. Something like that probably only happens in Iowa. Our friends were amazed,” Frevert said.

In many ways, Nevada is still that same great, little community that Frevert remembers from his childhood. “Nevada was an awesome place to grow up. It was a town large enough to provide exposure to many activities and small enough to allow me to participate in anything I wanted to. I participated in numerous sports, music, school and church activities in Nevada,” he said. He adds that through it all, he was exposed to great coaches, teachers and leaders and made lifelong friends in Nevada and surrounding communities. “I have lots of fond memories; many of them are from sports competitions.”

Nevada was a town where important lessons could be learned. Among them, Frevert recalled, “Treat people the way you want to be treated, because if you don’t, it will eventually come back to bite you. If you didn’t do that (treat people well) in a small town like Nevada, it got back to you quickly! I learned that the hard way a couple of times.”

Helping teach and guide him in his youth were, first and foremost, his parents, Jim and Clare Frevert. Jim and Clare still live in Nevada when they aren’t wintering in Florida.

There were other important mentors in his life. He lists, “Rev. Hulse of the Methodist Church. Coach Jim Shelton, my high school basketball and baseball coach. There are too many teachers to list, but I would single out Mrs. Rua Svensen. She was my second-grade teacher. Also the families of my closest friends — the Wisnieskis, the Atwells, the Trulins, the Huses and the Severins.”

Frevert took the lessons and influences of his youth, a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State and headed off to the first stop in his career, a position with First Brands Corporation in Rogers, Ark., at a Glad Bag manufacturing facility.

While living in Rogers, he married his wife, Suzie, who he’d met while they were both students at Iowa State. “Suzie, and I have been married for 30 years. She earned her degree in biological illustration (at ISU). She’s a fantastic wife and mother. She’s an artist and works with many different mediums. Her current interest is making jewelry,” Frevert shared.

Their children, Haley and Tanner, were born while they lived in Rogers. Now grown, Haley, 28, is, like her parents, an Iowa State graduate. She had three majors and earned two degrees. She lives in Washington, D.C., and works for a nonprofit, The Animal Welfare Institute. Tanner, 26, earned his undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and his master’s degree in communication from the University of North Carolina. He lives in Winston-Salem, N.C., and is a consumer segmentation analyst for MullenLowe, a Boston-based advertising agency.

After Rogers, Frevert’s career took him to Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina and back to Illinois as he progressed in the packaging industry, working for three different companies along the way. Now, in Highland Park, he works for Amcor Flexibles Americas. “Amcor is the largest flexible packaging company in the world,” Frevert said. “My title is general manager and director, Transition Accounts and Service Operations. I’m responsible for a 300-employee manufacturing facility in Mundelein, Ill., and North America customer service and inside sales.”

When it comes to what he loves about his career, Frevert said it’s the people he works with. “It’s fun to lead a team that works well together and accomplishes our goals. I’m also very proud of the products we produce. My plant produces medical packaging that becomes the sterile barrier for the medical devices packed inside. We play a critical role in preventing infection in hospital operating rooms.”

Frevert feels he’s been fortunate to have a good career and a fantastic family. One accomplishment that he’s most proud of was earning an MBA from Edgewood College in Madison, Wis. “I took night and weekend classes, while working full time and keeping up with my kids’ activities. It took five years and it was worth it,” he said.

When he’s not working, Frevert enjoys golf and traveling. He is a big sports fan and enjoys watching the Cyclones, Packers and Brewers. He and his wife enjoy walking and hiking with their two Australian Shepherds most of all.