The Dec. 12 Adel City Council meeting marked the City’s last meeting for 2017 and city officials took time to recognize those leaving their posts, to give the oath of office to those who will be taking over next month, and honor some employees for their time working for the city.

In the first meeting of 2018, Council members elect, Rob Christensen and Jodi Selby will replace Council member, Rebecca Hillmer, who has been on the council for the last four years, and Council member Jon McAvoy, who has been serving on the City Council for about 30 years.

Both were honored with a certificate, recognizing their service to the city and McAvoy, who is involved with Dallas County Republicans, received a letter from Sen. Joni Ernst, congratulating him on his retirement.

“Rebecca joined the council four years ago and I think everyone will agree that a lot’s happened in four years,” said Adel Mayor Jim Peters during the meeting. “There’s been a lot of very good things that have happened and the council’s behind that, and you’ve been a big part of it.”

Hillmer was the chair of the roads committee and helped lead the charge on the Main Street renovations, something Peters said he has been trying to do for 29 years.

McAvoy was was appointed to the council shortly before Peters joined the council back in 1988 and, with the exception of two years, has served on the council ever since.

“Jon, I can’t express enough how much you’ve done for the community over all the years,” Peters said. “There were slow times and there were fast times, we’ve experienced some fast times recently. The City’s in a great position to keep moving forward and thanks very much for your contributions.”

Peters, who won re-election this year by a slim margin over 19-year-old Carter Nordman, also took the oath of office for his next term as Mayor.

In addition to those honored for their service on the City Council, and those who were honored as outgoing members, Peters also recognized the City’s building inspector and code compliance officer, Steve Nichols and Public Works Director, Kip Overton for 10 years of service with the City.

The first City Council meeting of 2018 is scheduled for Jan. 9, 2018 with the new council members, Christensen and Selby, as well as with current council members Bob Ockerman, Mike Haynes and Shirley McAdon.