Rob Sand, formerly an Assistant Attorney General, has thrown his hat into the ring in the race for Iowa State Auditor this November. Sand, a Democrat, will face the Republican incumbent, Mary Mosiman.

Sand was hired as Assistant Attorney General in 2010 by Iowa’s Attorney General, Tom Miller and recently resigned the role just a few months ago to dedicate his efforts to his campaign. During his work with the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, Sand gained a lot of experience working directly with the Auditor’s Office.

“There’s probably no one else in this State who has spent more time reviewing their public corruption investigations and that’s because I have handled most of Iowa’s public corruption prosecution over the last decade,” Sand said.

Sand, the 35-year-old Decorah native, said that he would hope to bring accountability to the office of Iowa State Auditor.

“If we want our best chance to hold people accountable when they misuse public funds, we have to make sure those investigations are being performed with law enforcement perspectives taken into account,” Sand said.

While many of the people that work in the Iowa State Auditor’s Office have CPA and accounting backgrounds, Sand boasts an undergraduate degree from Brown University and a law degree from the University of Iowa. He believes that his background is “spot on” and said that the office needs different people with different skill sets to perform investigations.

Sand said that during his time with the Attorney General’s Office, he prosecuted all of the criminal cases that occurred as a result of the Iowa film making tax credit scandal that happened in 2010.

The second issue Sand is focusing on in his campaign for State Auditor is the budget, which he said is “in shambles.” He said he was bothered by the fact that Mosiman described the budget as “stable and responsible” last year.

“That’s just not accurate,” Sand said. “That’s someone putting their party in front of the public, and that bothers me. When I was with the Attorney General’s Office I prosecuted Republicans, but I also prosecuted Democrats and I didn’t do it with any acknowledgment of what someone’s party was.”

Additionally, Sand said he wants the office to be a partner to city governments and county government to help them make sure they “know all the ways they can save money.”

Sand currently lives in Des Moines with his wife and two young children, both boys.