Two house fires hit Perry, one on Sunday, Feb. 4 and another on Friday, Feb. 9.

On Feb. 9, the Boone County Fire Department alerted the Perry Fire Department that they were needed at a house fire at house owned and occupied by Ron Mulder at 2024 Clover Avenue. The Perry Fire Department arrived on scene at 1:43 a.m.

Boone County advised them that the caller told them that “the house was fully engulfed in fire and was completely gone.” the caller went on to state that there were several vehicles in the driveway and a liquid petroleum tank was nearby.

The homeowner, who lives alone, advised the Fire Department that no one was inside the residence at the time of the fire and that when he left the residence at 8 p.m., there was a fire burning in the fireplace.

The report stated that based on the advanced stages of the fire, that there were six inches of snow on the ground, a slight breeze out of the northeast, that heavy snow was falling at the time and that there were no other homes or buildings within a half mile of the fire, the Fire Department decided to leave the scene and allow the fire to burn out.

On Feb. 5 the Perry Fire Department was called to a house owned and occupied by Mary Carlson at 1809 West Third Street in Perry. When crews arrived on scene 9:45 a.m., heavy smoke was visible in the front and rear of the house “at the peak where the attic vents were located.”

Eighteen members of the fire department responded to the scene.

Fire fighters found the fire to be confined to the closet, which had a slanted ceiling, located over the basement stairwell near the center of the house. The report stated that the closet contained bedding items and clothing items.

While the fire was confined primarily to the closet, the fire did burn through the ceiling and into the attic area, causing damage to the insulation and ceiling joist. The fire fighters extinguished the fire in the closet and put out some hot spots in the attic. Additionally, smoke ejectors were used to ventilate the house prior to leaving the scene.