A seat that has been filled by the same guy for the last 45 years was empty at the last Adel City Council Meeting. Adel City Attorney, John Reich passed away on Feb. 2.

After a moment of silence at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 13 at Adel City Hall, the City Council began to discuss the process of hiring the next City Attorney. In the meantime, Mayor Jim Peters has asked Dan Manning to fill in as City Attorney until they can hire a permanent replacement.

City Administrator, Anthony Brown said that they have reached out to other cities in the area to get some ideas on a process for going forward with the search process. The cities provided “a number of firms,” and Windsor Heights passed along an example of a request for letters of intent and qualifications.

Brown recommended that they appoint a subcommittee, which could consist of himself, Peters and a few council members to go through and decide what they want their request to include.

“What other folks have said is that they turn in just all their qualifications, references, some information on their pricing,” Brown said. “Then, usually you conduct interviews, talk to those references and then make an offer or request to retain that firm or those folks.”

All four city council members that were present expressed interest in serving on such a subcommittee.

No action was taken at the meeting and they will wait for Peters, who was absent from the Feb. 13 meeting, to decide how to set up the subcommittee.

Seven City Attorney prospects were listed in the council packet from the Feb. 13 meeting, including Bob Stuyvesant and partners, Dwayne Dalen of Finneseth, Dalen and Powell, Brick Gentry Law Firm, Erik Fisk of Whitfield and Eddy Law, Hopkins and Huebner Law Firm, Dustin Miller of Nyemaster Goode Law Firm and Davis Brown Law Firm.