A swarm of folks from all age ranges came out to show support for the Hamburg Music Carnival at Marnie Simons school last weekend.
The event featured games for babies and kids and included other events, like the cake and dessert auction and Bingo games that were attractive to adults.
Kids’ games included everything from a basketball hoop shot, bowling and golf to creative and fun games, like “Shoot the Moon” and “Chicken Chucker.”
A concession stand kept all the attendees well fed during the festivities.
All of the events served to raise money for the Hamburg music program with the cake and dessert auction bringing in over $5,000 by itself.
Hamburg Music Teacher Terri Emberton was impressed by the turnout.
“The 2018 Hamburg Music Carnival made thousands of dollars and it would not be possible without the tremendous support of the Hamburg businesses and all the parents and community members that volunteered to work at each of the games,” said Emberton.  “The attendance was great and we ran out of many of the prizes at the games—which is a good thing.
“With the exception of the concession stand, all the money stays in the Hamburg music department.
“This money is used to buy instruments so each of the fifth graders has an instrument to start with in 5th grade band.  
“We're looking at purchasing new games for next year's Carnival and new drums for the band that actually match!  
“The concession stand money goes to the Middle School fund for the next Washington D.C. trip,” she said.
“Thank you to all of you that made this event possible!,” said Emberton.