Kelly and John Archer have put Kelly O'Shea's up for sale.

Kelly Archer’s mother named her after Kelly Wagle — “a true blue bootlegger from Colchester, Illinois murdered by Al Capone.”

As the story goes, Wagle was a kind of Robin Hood figure in the small town, making sure the elderly had enough groceries and coal. He likely helped out Kelly’s own grandfather.

Now, Kelly’s mother finds humor in the fact her daughter owns Kelly O’Sheas Shamrock Pub in Burlington. Although, Kelly O’Sheas now is up for sale.

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Kelly and her husband, John Archer, bought the bar in 2008 when it was called The Shamrock. Every Thursday the Archers went to The Shamrock for date night, so when the pub went up for sale, the two already had a good relationship with the bartenders and employees there.

Kelly purchased the bar in March of 2008, around the same time her house flooded with six inches of river water. She and John gutted one of the upstairs apartments and lived there when they evacuated their house.

After renovations, the couple reopened the pub in July 2008. It sported a new name that kept the Irish flair — Kelly O’Sheas. The name comes from the owner and her golden retriever, Shea. When Shea was alive she sometimes came into the bar for a Miller Lite in her dog bowl.

Kelly and John jumped right into the business, and as she put it, “got our butts handed to us for three months straight.” But then they got the hang of it, and found their own loyal crowd of regular customers.

“We have people that come in every Friday night. They sit in the same spot. They eat the same food,” she said.

It’s those patrons Kelly said she will miss the most when she sells the pub.

They put the bar up for sale in January when other full-time jobs and increasing responsibilities left very little time to run Kelly O’Sheas.

Kelly works for AMTEC Corporation as a quality representative at the American Ordnance ammunition plant in Middletown. She also travels an hour to Prairie City, Illinois two to three times a week to spend time with her 99-year-old mother.

John’s former business, Archer Auto Marine, recently merged with Bluff Harbor Marina, where John now works as manager.

Choosing to sell the bar was a tough decision.

“It’s very sad for us,” Kelly said. “It breaks our hearts to have to sell it.”

Kelly said she’s spoken with some people interested in purchasing the bar, but no money has exchanged hands yet. Her wish is for someone to take over the pub who wants to keep the Irish tradition alive.

“Our greatest hope is that the people who take it over are like us. We would love it to stay an Irish pub and have great food like we have."

Kelly will get one last St. Patrick’s Day celebration beginning 7 a.m. Saturday with the annual breakfast buffet, green beer and bagpipers.

As for future plans, the Archers might consider opening a lower-maintenance Tiki bar someday at Bluff Harbor Marina along the Mississippi River.

“We’ve met great people and made great friends. It’s just a lot of work obviously, and we’re going to miss it terribly.”