The Adel City Council met in its regular montly meeting on Tuesday, March 13 at City Hall. Here are three things that happened at the meeting.

FY 18-19 budget passes unanimously

The council held a public hearing at the beginning of the meeting in regards to the budget and tax levy for the next year, no one from the community chose to speak about the budget and, later in the meeting, it was passed unanimously.

As was published in the Dallas County News on March 1, 2018, the tax levy property tax levy was set at 14.27545 cents by $1,000 of assessed valuation for the next fiscal year. For agricultural land, the rate was set at 3.00375 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation.

While the agricultural levy rate is the same as last year, the levy rate for regular properties saw a slight decrease, coming down from 14.30433 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation the previous year.

City revenues increased exponentially from the last fiscal year, estimated at $18,413,775 for FY 19, up from an $8,930,152 in FY 18. Expenditures have also increased in FY 19, estimated at $17,894,112, up from $10,587,296 in FY 18. According to finance director, Brittany Sandquist, the reason for the increases in revenues and expenditures can be attributed to taking on new debt and spending more money on water, storm water and sewer projects in the coming year.

Another factor for the increase in revenue is higher valuations within the city this year, Sandquist said.

Land lease agreement reached in Kinnick Feller Park

The building at 1015 Riverside Drive in Adel, the current home of Park Place Event Center, could soon have new owners. The land that the building sits on, however, is in Kinnick Feller Park and belongs to the City of Adel.

As they have done with past owners, the City agreed on Tuesday to lease some of the surrounding land to the potential owners for $1 per year. After a somewhat lengthy discussion, the council and the potential owners, Dave and Angela Schrad of Johnston, agreed on a 10-year lease at that price, with the option to renegotiate the price after five years.

Angela, who addressed the council on Tuesday along with her husband, Dave, said that they originally were going to buy the building for storage purposes, but saw more potential in the building and are considering opening a restoration business in the building.

Two public hearings scheduled

The next City Council meeting will feature three public hearings after actions taken by the council on Tuesday. The public hearings, scheduled for the April 10 meeting, will be in regards to a 309-acre annexation request from developer Cramer & Associates, and attaining and State Revolving Fund Loan on proposed improvements to the City of Adel’s drinking water system.