Corey Gingerich hopes to unseat GOP Rep. Dave Kerr in the November general election.

NICHOLS — Voters will have a candidate to vote for this year outside the two-party system when they go to the polls in House District 88.

Corey Gingerich announced his candidacy to unseat Rep. Dave Kerr, R-Morning Sun, in a press release Monday. Gingerich, of Nichols in Muscatine County, will run as an independent in the Nov. 6 general election.

Gingerich said because he was not running as a Democrat, Republican or Libertarian, he would not participate in the June 5 primary election and currently is working on collecting enough signatures to appear on the ballot in November.

House District 88 includes portions of Muscatine, Louisa and Des Moines counties. Kerr was elected to the Iowa Legislature in November 2016. Two Democrats, Lanny Hillyard of Mediapolis and Noah Canady of Grandview, will run against each other in the primary with hopes of defeating Kerr in November. Kerr has no challenger in the primary.

Gingerich, a University of Iowa graduate, worked in Los Angeles and Oklahoma after graduation before returning to Iowa last year. He runs a digital marketing service in addition to working full-time for a California-based firm.

"I am choosing to enter this race because of the amount of money polluting the capital has led our politicians looking out for donors and themselves, not the people," Gingerich said in a statement. "I want to remind the working class that the government belongs to them and they should see some benefit from the taxes they pay."

Some of his priorities if elected to office would be to cap donations for campaign contributions and install term limits; invest in a "21st century digital infrastructure;" protect individual liberties; and reduce regulations that harm entrepreneurs.

"Through work and business ownership experience I have learned that people will tell you what they need if you simply ask and keep an open mind," he said. "I will do my best to make sure every voice in the district is heard and represented."